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Different types of Packaging Material

Different types of Packaging Material


The main purpose of packaging is to hold its content/ item securely to prevent damages or different hazards likes germs or heat. Packaging is essential to every type of industry. Whether it is food, clothing or technology industry, packaging is crucial. Packaging system is must to protect its products from potential damage.

Packaging material is classified into different groups:

  1. Retail Packaging Material: These materials are used to protect products from damages and at the same time these packaging are used for brand advertising.
  2. Shipping packaging material: Shipping containers are the one’s that are used for distribution and transport. These boxes include corrugated cardboard, wrapping papers and plastic bags.
  3. Industrial material: Industrial packaging materials are different from traditional packaging material. Such packaging comes in different shape and sizes based on technical requirement.

Material used making packaging products:

  1. Paper and Board: Paper and boards are widely used because it is it has low cost and can be decorated easily for branding purpose. The weight of paper and boards is negligible as compared to any other material therefore is best for shipping products from one place to another. These are biodegradables as well therefore can easily be destroyed without harming the environment and can be reused again.
  2. Plastic: This material is light in weight and cheap to manufacture therefore are best as alternative to cardboard packaging. Plastics are best for packing liquids due to its impact resistant property and are heat sealable.

To protect products and materials during transport, distribution and storage, a variety of packaging types is available. In the infographic below you will find a brief introduction of packaging material made from above mentioned material such as cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, corrugated paper rolls etc., that are ideal for packing different types of items.


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