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Dress Your House Up: How Your Old Clothing Items Can Become Great Decorations In Your House

Decorating your house with your old clothing can be an amazing decorative addition to your home and can give a new life to your old pieces of clothing.

T-Shirt Quilts

If you have a collection of old t-shirts kicking around that you won’t wear again you could combine them and turn them into a quilt. This can allow you to make a quilt with your very own unique interesting pattern. This gives you alot of freedom over the patterns and colours you want to mix together. If you are searching for t-shirts that have particular patterns or colours you could also check out the clothing at charity or thrift shops, that allow you to purchase a wide range of clothing at heavily discounted prices.


To start your T-shirt quilt you will need to ensure that the t-shirts you are using are washed and ironed, once you have done this you can start cutting out the front and backs of the t-shirts. Then you can use this material sew together using a sewing machine to make the quilt. If you are unsure about how to do this properly there are plenty of Youtube tutorials out there to help you.

T-Shirt In A Frame

If you have a T-shirt that you particularly like the design of you could go as far as framing it on your wall. You could do this by cutting a piece of the T-shirt you particularly like and sticking it to the inside of a photoframe with superglue. Again if you are struggling for inspiration there are plenty of unique and interesting t-shirts being sold at charity shops, thrift shops and carboot sales that can become your next project!

Make Curtains Out Of Old T-Shirts

Another thing you can try if you are getting bored of standard curtains is to make your own curtains out of old t-shits you own, using a similar process to making a t-shirt quilt you would need to ensure that you can thread the curtain rail through the top part of your t-shirt curtain creation. If you are looking for inspiration why not look on Youtube or visit a shop that sells blinds in Watford.

Pet Bed

If you have some old, but soft and comfortable clothing you could put some of it in your pets bed to keep them comfortable and warm. You don’t want to go overboard with this and put too many clothes in their bed, you should put 1-3 t-shirts or a hoodie/sweater in their bed for maximum comfort.

Fabric Wrapped Non Slip Hangers

You could cut denim jeans into thin strips and wrap them around your coathangers, this will not only make them look more visually appealing but they will also prevent your clothing unnessarily slipping off your coathangers. You can attatch the strips with glue to the coathanger, ideally you should be sticking 1-2 strips each time and then leaving it to dry before starting on the next strips. Meaning that this project could take you some time to achive but it will be worth it!

Buy An Open Wardrobe

By getting an open wardrobe instead of a standard, traditional wooden wardrobe you can show off your clothes to whoever is inside your house with ease. Also who said that wardrobes have to be in your bedroom? If you wanted to you can put your wardrobe in your living room so that you can talk to your guests about your amazing clothing collection.


There are plenty of things you can do to your home to make it stand out for all the right reasons to your guests, they just require a bit of creativity and the willingness to try new things.

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