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Easy Ways to Renovate Your Home for a Cozy Work From Home Space

With more people working out of their homes than ever before, many have found themselves having to function in uncomfortable or distracting workspaces. Thankfully, there are many small changes you can make to add a sense of contentment and coziness to your home office.

Let There Be Light

Ideally, your desk should be placed close to a window to take advantage of as much sunlight and fresh air as possible. Exposure to natural light fends off seasonal depression and may even boost your productivity. Is your home office located in the basement or a room without windows? Depending on its location, you may find that it is worth it to put in a bay window or a set of French doors. Giving yourself a view of the great outdoors is sure to uplift your spirits.

Even with natural light streaming in, having the right amount of lighting in your workspace is critical for avoiding eye strain. Brighten your workspace by hanging a stylish pendant lamp above your desk, or use a floor lamp. This solution stops you from having to take up valuable workspace with a desk lamp.

Clean and Organize Your Space
Nothing will make your home office space feel more comfortable or inviting than cleaning and sorting its contents. Ideally, your desk itself should contain very few items. Avoid having stacks of papers or other clutter on your work surface, as this could make you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Create a healthier mind by keeping your desk accessories clean and simple. For example, this might include a cup for writing utensils, a few folders in an organizer, a small pad of paper, and some personal, decorative touches.

To maximize the organization in your home office, utilize the vertical and horizontal wall space around your desk. Hang a calendar, bulletin board, and shelving to house your paperwork to free up valuable desk space.

Choose Saturated Colors
Never underestimate the power of color, particularly when it comes to wall paint. If you are looking to cozy up your space, choose colors that are found in nature, such as plum, deep yellow, or even beige. Selecting colors that are more intense will add life to your office space and show off your personal taste during those Zoom meetings.

Personalize Your Workspace Décor
Now that your workspace items are down to a minimum, it is time to add some personality to your space. Focus on adding meaningful items, such as photos of your loved ones, to provide a feeling of work-life balance. Elements like these will stand as a daily reminder of who and what you’re working for. Some ideas include inspiring artwork, a scented candle, or a tabletop fountain to help keep you relaxed and centered throughout your day.

Purify the Air With Plants
One of the easiest and most cost-effective things you can do to cozy up your home office is to bring in some plants. By doing so, you are literally breathing fresh air into your space. For this purpose, fake plants just won’t cut it. Adding greenery to your home office will beautify it by adding color and character. Try placing a ficus tree next to you or a vase of freshly-cut flowers on a corner of your desk. Don’t have a green thumb? Succulents practically take care of themselves.

Invest in a Comfortable Chair
According to Forbes, Americans spend about half their day sitting down. At some point, you are going to become uncomfortable, unless you are prepared with an ergonomically designed office chair. It is a small investment to make, considering how much time you will be sitting in it. When selecting an office chair, make sure it adequately aligns and supports your back and has a seat that is nice and cushiony. Having a support pillow on hand may also be helpful in ensuring that you experience maximum comfort while you are working. Of course, getting up and stretching your legs from time to time can also help.

Ground your space with an Area Rug
If you have hardwood or tile flooring, voices can echo throughout your home, creating a distracting workspace. An area rug is a great way to ground your office space. It can help to add visual interest to your design, as well as warmth to your bare feet. Placing a plush area rug adds color and style and a sense of domestic charm to your home office.

Add Blankets and Throw Pillows
Even in the warm summer months, you can become chilly or uncomfortable sitting at your desk, particularly if the A/C is blowing directly on top of you. Why not have stylish decor, such as a woven basket, sitting next to your desk that has beautiful blankets and throw pillows inside of it?

When designing a cozy work-from-home space, just go with your instincts. Begin with a clean slate by organizing and decluttering the area. Next, consider what colors make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and incorporate them into your workspace. Adding personal touches, including plants, a rug, and a new chair, should help to do the trick. By making your workspace as cozy as possible, your mood and work efficiency may both be uplifted as a result.



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