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Everything You Need To Know About Lingerie: From Buying Tips to Proper Care!

Lingerie is as important as your outerwear. It is essential to choose the right lingerie according to your comfort and body shape. A right style in lingerie not only makes you look more confident but also pretty. Make your own lingerie collection by choosing varied styles, styles that can enhance your personality.

Buying different bras and panty styles is great but you must also take proper care of your lingerie. Here are some tips to buy and take proper care of your lingerie, continue reading to know more.

1. Know your size and style

When you buy a bra or a panty, the most important thing is size. Measure your size correctly, so that you do not end up buying lingerie that does not fit you right. You must buy the right size so that the fit is not only correct but comfortable too. Also, keep in mind the style that suits you. From bralettes to thongs, so many styles in lingerie are available today; you need to select the style that is comfy.

2. Buy according to body type and budget

There is a lingerie style for every body type. For a pear-shaped body, you can buy bustier and bralettes. It will help to accentuate your bust size. If you are too thin, then push up bras can enhance your cleavage. Splurging on lingerie is a good thing, but you must know the difference between splurging and over-spending. Check out for prices or rather compare prices online before you purchase a bra or panty.

3. Choose according to the occasion

Always choose a bra or a panty depending on the occasion. You can opt for casual cotton lingerie if you are at home. G-strings and sexy bralettes are perfect for party occasions. There are so many designs in shimmer lingerie available today. Choose a bra or a panty that perfectly fits your style.

4. Machine wash and sun dry

If possible, do not wash your lingerie in the washing machine. Wash your lingerie with hands to ensure germ-free cleaning. If your lingerie is germ-free, it will help to keep your body hygienic. Inner-wears or lingerie should always be sun-dried. Natural sunlight not only kills the germs in clothes but also keeps the quality intact. So, always use natural sunlight for drying up your lingerie.

5. Use lingerie bags

Are you aware that there are special lingerie bags available for your keeping your bras and panties? You heard that right. Just buy those bags so that you keep your bras and panties in good shape. This will not only increase the durability but also sustain the quality of your lingerie.

6. Replace it often

Your inner-wears have a shelf life. So, it’s important to change your inner-wear after every six months. By doing this, you also get to update your lingerie collection and that can be valuable for you. You will get to buy new styles in bras and panties that are available. So replace and make your own collection from time to time.

Buying the right kind of lingerie is important but taking care of your lingerie is equally important, so follow the above tips.

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Susan Harris is a creative writer by profession and hobby, currently working as a freelance writer. She aspires to help her readers achieve their best style by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

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