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Everything You Need To Know About Tasker Profile.

Yes, it would not be incorrect to say that the Android system provides us with lots of facilities, and we can say that, more flexible than iOS, just because of apps like Tasker and others. But it will prove beneficial when we have a basic understanding or proper knowledge about it. 


Tasker is an app where we set up a task, and it will work when we associate it with a profile. So to help you get started, I will discuss the process of creating a profile and how the different categories work and do good to you. 


First, to add an event with Tasker, you need to create a profile, but before that, I would suggest you create a task because Tasker will perform an assignment only. But to run your job automatically, you have to create a profile, which is again a set of Conditions, and you have to go through all these steps to automate an event and automatic run of the task.


Creating a new profile

Step 1- Open the Tasker, and go to profiles, tap + button in the bottom right corner. From there, you will get into the context, which will cause your profile to be active and execute a task. 


Step 2- Now, you will see different six categories which are prompted to various functions. When you choose any of these categories, then you will see many different subcategories. 


Different Categories and Their Functions

Now I will explain the types of different categories and what their functions are. 

  • Application 

When you select this, you will see apps that you have installed on your Android phone. You can choose any of the apps to set as the trigger for your task, or we can say that when this app runs in the foreground, then the task associated with a profile that you are creating will run. 


You can select multiple apps at a time. If any of the apps run in the foreground, then your task will run. Alternatively, there is an option ‘Invert.’ If you select this, then the task will be associated with the profile you have created, even if there is no chosen app in the foreground. 

You can see many more options at the bottom, like ‘Activity’- enabling this will cause to run the task when any screen within this app is opened, ‘ Services’- will do the same but with any background services associated with this app. 

‘All’- after enabling this, it will add system apps and the apps that you didn’t install yourself.


After the selections you have made, tap the back button, the Tasker prompt you to enable the accessibility services, tap the OK button, and select the Tasker from the list. This allows Tasker to see which apps are running or open.

After this, go back to Tasker, then press the again button one more time so that you reach the profiles tab, where you will prompt to name the profile which you created and associate a task with it. 


  • DAY

It is another category, and when you select this, you will get a calendar view where you can choose a particular day of the month or month of the year or certain days of the week for the task to be executed.

You can select any other option which can be seen at the bottom of the screen- ‘All days, “odd days, ” None.” 

Then you can select the month option Accordingly. If you do, then your task will run according to the selected month, day, or year. 

After finalising this, press the back button, and you will be prompted to name the profile and associate the task with your profile. 



Event- it means an occurrence or something that may happen for a moment. Hence it is something that triggers the task when it happens.

This category has different events that can be selected, and under this, it contains subcategories. It includes the game which is done or happens at specific points throughout the day. There are different subcategories under this. You don’t have to go through all the events. You can use the filter option at the bottom of the screen and can search for a particular function by writing fewer characteristics. 


Once you have selected the event, you may see a menu that allows you to specify a few details. After you are done, you have to go back and back at the profile tabs, where you have to be prompted to name the profile and associate the task with the profile.



It is one of the categories, which causes the phone to execute the task. It has the option of setting the parameters like a particular spot on the map, radius setting, etc. Once you’re all sorted with this, you have to go back, enter your profile and associate the task with the profile; from now, your phone will behave as you have programmed it when you are within that location radius.



It is the same, just like the event. The only difference is that the state is an ongoing process, and the event is a singular occurrence. 

This means any task you set to triggers state change will stop running when the state changes back, which reduces the need for an exit task.

As such, if you want Tasker to execute a task when something changes with your phone itself, this is the place to be. To find a specific state, it is always easiest to use the filter field at the bottom of this menu.

Now, after you have done the changes, tap the back button, and name the profile and associate the task with it. 


  • TIME

The time category is similar to a calendar. It is more reliable than the location because the system always knows the exact time, but it works best if you keep a tight schedule.

On the left of the screen, you have three buttons. When one is enabled, you will see an orange indicator. ‘from’ represent the starting time of your profile and “to” represent the time when you stop being active. If you don’t select an option, then the profile will end at midnight every night. 

If you don’t want your profile to trigger at a particular time, you can select ‘every’ instead.

After finishing all this configuration, again, you have to name the profile and associate tasks with it. 

 When you have done that, then you have successfully created your profile.


Now that you know everything about Tasker Profiles, this page (http://www.crunchytricks.com/2016/10/tasker-profiles.html) can help you in going further and selecting the tasker which will set you up for success!T

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