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Fashion, Trends & Its Types

Fashion: A word full of ideas. If there is something constant in the world of fashion, it is “change”. Since the beginning, there’s been a continuous effort to look better than yesterday. Till today, fashion has undergone countless innovations and modifications. In the blink of an eye, a trend comes in and goes. The alterations are consequential, as changes in fashion & trends are spontaneous. There have been some significant shifts in spheres of life: politics, technology, social culture; which reflects on every-changing fashion and trend-cycle. With the advancement in technology – you can choose the latest style of clothing or any fashionable accessory, from the comforts of your house with various discounts available through online coupon codes.  

What is Fashion?

There’re numerous theories about the origin of fashion and what it is; the simple answer to this is; fashion is how people present themselves. It’s been long over since people only worn clothes to protect themselves or for the sake of covering their bodies. Fashion in clothing is the fact that whatever you wear will bring out the best of your physical form – the body. 

A misconception is; people only consider fashion in clothes. No, fashion is more than just clothes. You can be trendy in the selection of car, or home décor, or even the place where you sit. 

Types of Fashion

There are many types of fashion, but here we’ll discuss five of them, as it is the only industry which works efficiently on changing trends. The end product is unique and consumed by millions in a matter of a day or two. Below are the types of fashion discussed:

  1. Casual wear 

This type of fashion-wear indicates that the style will be comfortable. Casual wear is clothes which do not set trends but are convenient for daily basis where you need room for movement. Casual wear can comprise simply of a t-shirt and jeans – However, that too with class!


  1. Classic wear

Classic wear implies a sense of stability with comfort. Colors associated with this type are usually black, grey, or beige; with impeccable stitching and straight lines. A classic-wear focuses on simple yet elegant attires.

  1. Limited Edition Fashion

As the name refers, this is the type of fashion which is exclusive and different; reserve for a small group of people. Several brands come up with limited edition fashion such as Wrangler’s jeans, Puma’s sneakers, etc. Another past of Limited Edition Fashion is that it is more affordable in regards to prices that any Haute Fashion Collection.

  1. Exotic

This is among the most controversial fashion type of all. An Exotic fashion-wear is all about wearing clothes or accessories which nobody has ever seen or worn before. A collection of bold yet mysterious as well as eye-catching articles with vibrant colors, standout jewelers, etc.

  1. Designer wear

This type of Fashion wear is readily available in boutiques and online stores at affordable prices. All articles of clothing, under this category, belong to famous brands, but they’re manufactured, keeping in mind the targeted consumers, and prices. 

In a Nutshell

Fashion is an art of creating trendy apparels for all.  It’s not limited to clothes only – stylish jewellery bags, footwear, and headwear; there is an array of items that comes under these popular categories. 

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