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Fashionable Forever: How to Transcend Stereotypical Aesthetics

We come into contact with stereotypes every single day whether we know it or not. These stereotypes are everywhere, including in the clothes we wear. When was the last time you saw a man wear lace? It’s time to break free from these stereotypes and wear what we want. Here are 4 ways to transcend stereotypical aesthetics in fashion.


Boys wear blue, and girls wear pink. That’s what we’ve been taught for years, but we know that’s not necessarily the case. Break stereotypes by wearing an unexpected color. For example, don’t be afraid to wear pink if you are a guy. Or a goth. Alternatively, it’s okay to have cheerleading outfits that incorporate black, deep red, or other masculine colors. Color is a powerful thing, so be careful what you say with your color choices.

Go Soft

Soft clothes is generally associated with babies and women. Men are rugged, so they don’t want soft clothes, right? Well, soft clothes can be quite comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with a man wearing clothes made out of soft materials. A men’s ultra-soft flowy tee will make you more comfortable than you ever expected on hot, summer days. People won’t even be able to feel how comfortable it is until they touch it.

Personal Grooming

Some people think that only women get beauty treatments, such as manicures. However, many guys like to look good, too. Guys can benefit from manicures, pedicures, facials, brow treatments, waxing, and massages. These procedures can help boost confidence, increase attractiveness, and prolong youth. Confident men are breaking the mold and normalizing beauty for men. Give it a try yourself, and you may never go back.


There are a number of scents that are considered to be “guy” scents. There are also scents that many guys wouldn’t want to smell like, such as orange or vanilla. However, why can’t a guy smell like a juicy piece of fruit? Look for brands making citrus or floral scents specifically designed for men. People are attracted to scent, and you will smell good enough to eat.

Don’t follow the trends. Be a trendsetter. Part of that is doing something unexpected in fashion. Go to the basics. Pick an unexpected material or color and build the outfit from there. Show people that we don’t need to wear things the way we were taught to wear them.1

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