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Garage Door Installation Cost Factors

While it’s possible to install a garage door yourself, the new doors are heavy, hard to hang, and it may void your warranty. Hiring an experienced garage door installer only costs about $280 for labor.

In addition to the cost of the door and general installation labor, you may have to pay extra for:

  1. Removal and disposal of old door
  2. Style of your door
  3. The material it’s made of
  4. The heavier the door, the more service providers are needed.
  5. Electrical service and wiring for opener and lights
  6. Replacement parts

Garage Door Replacement Cost

The average cost for garage door replacement is $324 to $630 for the doors, and the labor costs about $280 to install it. If you‘re installing the same type of door and all the supporting parts are working correctly for your existing garage, then you’ll only need to pay for the new garage door.

Garage Doors Prices

A new garage door costs from $324 for a single 96” wide door, to $734 for 192” wide double doors. Cost factors affecting the price are door size, door style, door material, how it will open, the opener, the light, and if it will be insulated. Most people will pay $1,020 for materials and installation for their new garage door.

Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

On average, a new garage door opener installation costs between $127 and $200 depending on the brand, model, power, and type of garage door you have. There are three main types of garage door openers. Electrical openers are the most popular, and some will work with a smart app so you can control the door from your phone.

Others offer LED lighting, battery backup, parking assist, beam photo-eye, and auto-locking. If your current opener works with the new door, it won’t have to be replaced. However, the new garage door may be too heavy, and the opener won’t be able to handle the extra weight.

  • Belt driven — A belt-driven garage door opener works on a steel-reinforced, rubber belt that lowers or raises the garage door. Its benefits include fewer moving parts, which mean less maintenance and quieter operation. $168–$268
  • Chain driven — The chain-driven garage door opener is noisy, with the chain rattling every time the door is raised or lowered. It is a more economical solution, so if there are no living quarters near your garage, it’s a good choice. It also works well with aluminum doors. $128–$158
  • Direct drive — The direct-drive system has one moving part — the motor. In this situation, the motor travels up and down the mechanism to raise or lower the garage door. It’s quiet and efficient. $295–$438

Opener Lift Power

  • Max Lift Power — Equivalent to 1 1/4 HPS. Ideal for: Areas with extreme weather conditions. Heavier or one-piece doors.
  • Plus Lift Power — Equivalent to 3/4 HPS. Ideal for: Heavily used garages. Homes with multiple drivers. Preventing wear and tear.
  • Med Lift Power — Equivalent to 1/2 HPS. Ideal for: Sectional aluminum doors, Standard durability.

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