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Hair Extension Brands Celebrity Hairstylists Love

There are millions of hair products out there, including human hair extensions. This makes it a challenge to settle for one. Every product is described as the best, but truth be told, not all that glitters is gold. Some brands are trash and can be a waste of money. So how do you find or identify the best extensions? The simplest way is to find out what brands celebrities love and use all the time. Their stylists know the most excellent products after years of trial and error. Here are some of the hair extension brands celebrities are fond of using.

  1. Mayvenn

Mayvenn is one of the most popular brands used by thousand hairstylists to provide extensions for their clients. The hair is 100% human hair and it’s therefore not processed, bleached or colored. They have various styles including loose wave, deep, wave water wave, kinky straight,  straight and body wave.

  1. Indique Hair

One of the celebrities who use this brand is Oprah. She wore the Indique high quality hair extensions in one of her latest magazine covers. This hair is virgin human hair and not chemically processed or bleached, dyed, permed and has not gone through harsh washes.

Their extensions are sourced from specific donors and not mixed with synthetic fibers.  Indique human hair extensions are available in various lengths and can be curly, wavy or straight.

  1. Kendra’s Boutique

Kendra’s Boutique sells custom dyed quality hair, which they deliver to their customer wherever they may be. Megan and Blac China promote these human hair extensions on Instagram, and they are some of the best you can wear. The extensions are 100% genuine, and they include bundles, closures, frontals and full head lace wigs. Unless you request for dyed extensions, all hair sold at Kendra’s Boutique is black.

  1. The Hair Shop

The Hair Shop is not only available online; you can also find it in several locations. They offer informative tutorials on how to style various high quality hair extensions. They also have clip-in, weft extensions, and the right tools to handle your hair extensions.  If you visit a physical store, it is possible to talk to a specialist who will help you navigate through the various options available.

  1. True Indian Care

This is a real celebrity favourite human hair extensions brand. Some of those who have worn it include Solange Knowles, Serena Williams and Padma Lakshmi. The hair is natural human hair and is cut from the root. You can reuse it for up to one year.

True Indian Care is owned by a hairstylist, Karen Mitchell, who has been in the industry for more than 14 years. You can choose a curly, wavy or straight style, but only available in natural shades of brown and black.

  1. Hair Lingerie

Hair Lingerie is a brand founded to help prevent damages caused by poor human hair extension application. The hair is only applied by professionals who are certified by the brand. This ensures all customers are protected against lousy services that can damage their hair. You can search for the nearest Hair Lingerie approved stylist and book an appointment so that the stylist can help you get the hair extensions.

Now you know the human hair extension brands loved by celebrities. Hit the market and buy the one that you find most appealing.


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