Methi or fenugreek plant belongs to family Fabaceae. It is annual plant if you are really curious to know about health benefits of methi plant ,read this entire post .It is an erect herb with white flowers and hard  yellowish brown seeds.It’s seeds and leaves are used in different ways from ancient time.It is cultivated worldwide. It’s seeds and leaves are common ingredient for food.It is used in adding flavor in dishes.

It’s botanical name Trigonella foenum.

It’s taste is not so good but its health benefits is amazing.It is used as a medicine in ayurveda. It is always found in Indian kitchen to increase the taste.

Fenugreek origin occur from the Latin word ‘Greek hay’.It’s other name is Goat’s Horn and Bird’s foot.

It’s dried leaves are called kasuri methi.

Due to its numerous health benefits it is loved by every person.

Nutrient content of fenugreek

As fenugreek is used in both form seeds and leaf,so must know about its nutritional value-:

Fenugreek leaves nutritional content-:

  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Rich in calcium,potassium,phosphorus,iron  and other minerals.
  • Full of dietary fibers.
  • vitamin k present anticoagulant agent.

Fenugreek seeds nutritional content-:

  • Rich in dietary fibers
  • Mostly comprises of NSP “non-starch pollysaccharides”.It is important content to control cholesterol.
  • Contain 4-hydroxy isoleucine which promote insulin formation
  • Instead of all these it contain iron,potassium,calcium,zinc,magnesium,selenium,and copper.
  • Vitamins A,C and B family is present.

Fenugreek sprouts nutritional content-:

  • Full of fiber
  • Protein
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Fat


  • Healthier for heart-:

Fenugreek seeds play an important role in cardiovascular health. Heart  attack  is a big problem,it occur due to blockage of artries. methi seeds prevent clogging of  walls and oxidative stress that is responsible for heart attack. Thus heart is safe from heart attack.

  •  Control Diabetes-:

Diabetics is a major problem now a days but it can be cured in starting phase.In studies it has been reveled that fenugreek seeds control diabetes especially type 2 diabetes. It is high in soluble fiber,which helps in carbohydrate breakdown thus lowers the blood sugar.

  • Help Prevent Cancer-:

Studies have shown fenugreek seeds have biological active constituent ‘Diosgenin’.It has certain cancer cell lines that has a potential and act as an anti cancer agent for breast cancer therapy.

  •  Alleviate Menstrual Cramps-:

Studies have shown that fenugreek seeds have anti-inflammatory and  analgesic properties thus due to this property it’s powder is helpful in reducing pain lf menstruation.It is also found that fenugreek seed powder reduce the pain and symptom of fatigue,headache ,nausea.

  •  Help in Milk Production-:

Fenugreek seed contain phytoestrogen that boosts milk production in lactating mothers.It has been found that taking fenugreek water ,it’s seeds or fenugreek tea increases the supply of breast milk in the mother  which is very nutritious and healthy for infant.

  • Reduce Cholesterol-:

Research has proven that fenugreek seeds have flavonoid  named naringenin that lowers the lipid level  especially bad cholestrol or LDH  in the body.

  • Help Reduce Pain From Arthritis-:

In current days their always comes a bone problem especially Arthritis,which is a disorder that causes inflammation in one or more joints. This causes severe pain, and  wear and tear of the joint muscles. fenugreek has inflammatory and antioxidant property that reduces the pain and inflammation of bones thus cure arthritis.

  • Aid Digestion-:

fenugreek is  a boon for those who is suffering from stomach ailments.It has amazing effect on gastritis and indigestion.It help in preventing constipation and for those digestion problem which is caused by stomach ulcer.Its lubricating and fiber rich property helps to smooth the stomach and intestine.thus for stomach is works as a natural tonic.it neutralizes the acid in the stomach.

  • Weight loss-:

If you are trying to lose weight then start adding adding fenugreek seeds in your diet.As i told previously that fenugreek seeds improves digestion thus their is less deposition of fat in your body and initiate the lipid and glucose metabolism thus makes weight loss easy.

  •  Improve Kidney Function-:

Fenugreek seeds also works as diaureatic thus improve the function of kidney.It contain polyphenolic flavonoids.It improves the function of kidney.It help in formation of membrane around them thus prevent  deterioration of  the cell.

  • Protect Liver-:

Liver is an important part of the body.Its function is increadible thus if  their is any problem in the liver thus there occur serious impact on your body.But if you add methi daily in your life then liver will remain healthy .It cleans all the toxins of the body perfectly.It is also found that liver is also very effective in controlling the impact of alcohol.Your liver cleanses your body of toxins. An injury to the liver can have a serious impact on your health. It’s polyphenolic compounds reduces the damage of liver.

Skin benefits of fenugreek

Anti-aging effect-:

If you use the soaked fenugreek seeds  paste with yogurt and apply it on your face and after 30 minutes wash it with plain water.In few days you will found glowing skin.In this paste fenugreek seeds  act as antioxidant which fights with free radicals of the skin which initiate the anti-aging.yogurt contain lactic acid which exfoliate the skin.This paste is best for dry skin as it makes skin softer and smooth.

•Soacked Fenugreek seeds+yogurt=paste

•Apply on the face

•Remain 30 minutes

•Wash face with plain water

 Reduce acne formation-:

Fenugreek seeds have miraculous effect on acne.for this you have  to soak fenugreek seeds overnight and on next day apply that water on your acne with cotton bolls.leave it for 15 minutes then wash with water.Water of soaked fenugreek contain diosgenin compound that contain anti-inflammatory  and anti bacterial property  which have strong effect on acne.

Maintain skin moisture-:

Fenugreek seeds maintain the moisture of your skin as its paste is slippery thus when apply it on the face it evenly spread on the face and prevent the skin from decaying and drying.It also work as natural scrubber thus remove the dead cells of the skin and make skin healthy and glowing

Benefits of methi on hairs

 Prevent Hair Loss-:

Hair loss is a big problem now a days and fenugreek seeds are the natural medicine for the hairs.Its paste gives strength to the roots and  follicle of the hairs. yugart and fenugreek paste with vitamin E capsule makes hair strong and shiny.Its seeds contain nicotanic acid that gives strength and breakage of hairs. Thus there are 3 ways Fenugreek may reduce  hair loss . lets have a look.

Gives Shine to hair-

Fenugreek seeds  contain slippery property that its application on hairs gives shiny and glossy look to the hair. The slippery nature of fenugreek is due to lecithin compound which gives shine to the hairs.

Remove Dandruff from hairs-:

Fenugreek contain anti fungal property thus fight with dandruff dermatitis of scalp and thus improves hair quality.

 Prevent Premature Graying-:

Fenugreek contain some properties which bind the hair pigments thus natural color of the hair never decay .so it also cure the hair from premature graying.

Side-Effect of Fenugreek

  • On one side if it is good for health then if it taken in excess amount it may have side effect on the body.It may cause diarrhea,stomach upset,bloating,gas,and odor in urine.
  • It may cause severe allergy in hypersensitive people.so before taking the methi seeds they must consult their doctor.
  • If it is taken in excess amount it may lowers the blood sugar so consult your doctor before taking it.
  • It may cause nasal congestion,wheezing,facial swelling in allergic people
  • It is strictly restricted in pregnant women as it may cause early contraction and if taken before delivery cause unusual odor from the baby body.
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