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How to do forward roll (Beginners to expert level )

The forward roll is one of the most basic gymnastics workout. to perform this workout you must do proper body stretching it take little practice and patience .this workout can be performed anywhere indoor or outdoor. look for a flat space to avoid any kind of dis balance. always remember the forward roll is exactly the same as backward roll.forward body roll require a body momentum .always remember to tuck into your chin.



Progression :

1. Stretch your body first: stretch your body properly to avoid any ind of injury to perform this workout.
2.Stand straight and take position : stand straight to perform a forward roll .you can do a forward roll on a downward incline and use gravity to help you move into the roll.
3.Get started with body roll: place your feet together and sit in squat position and bend your knees .put your arms on the floor and start rolling your body on the floor , this is the starting phase of your workout.
4. Drop your head on the floor : drop your head between your arms and start rolling .dont place your body weight on your head or neck. your body should move directly onto your upper back.
5. Roll Forward : push on to your upper back so that your body pushed on to your lower back ,always follow the curve of your spine
6. Roll straight : roll straight with your back . Dont roll side to side to avoid any kind of injury. be sure to keep your chin tucked in and your back curved.
7. Keep straight legs with pointed toes : Throughout the workout your legs should stay straight and your toes pointed .
8. Stand without using your hands for support : at the end of the roll, place your feet flat on the floor and move into a standing position without putting your hands on the ground.

9. Put any object or obstacle : now you are perfect enough to roll over the bench or any object try to put any object and start rolling over them .


Results :


  • aids in muscle repair recovery.
  • reduces inflammation that occurs during the muscle repair process.
  • alleviates soreness.
  • helps injury prevention by maintaining muscle length and remedying tension and tightness.

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