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How to Dye Synthetic Wig


Synthetic wigs are chemically processed wigs using fibers by machines to make it look like real hair. These hair wigs are versatile because they can be colored, permed, and styled like your own natural hair.

If you are unsure of putting Wigs on your hair, then do not take the risk. Visit the nearby salon to get it installed. Hair wigs come in varieties of textures (straight, curly, wavy). If you properly take care of your wigs, it has high longevity; it can last up to a year.

It is becoming one of the essential needs of every woman to show off their beauty. Celebrities mostly wear them. Hair wigs are inexpensive and affordable. If you are looking for hair wigs in Bangalore, it is easily available at Diva Divine hair store. They provide you the best qualities of hair wigs.

However, wigs with hair dyeing are so much fun to do. Synthetic hair wigs can be easily dyed and multi-colors. It is the best way to do it if you are bored with an everyday hairstyle. Rock your new look by choosing the best color you love for your wigs and don’t worry. It can be done within a few hours.


Things you need while dyeing synthetic wigs

                                                 Synthetic hair wigs can be easily dyed and multi-colors


  • Choose heat resistant synthetic wigs
  • Fabric dye of your choice
  • One-pot/jar
  • A stove
  • Use disposable gloves
  • Water

Make sure to use the unwanted cloth to cover while dyeing. Boil water in a pot (large size of pot depending upon the wig you are using). Get it a little damp before you soak wigs in the pot.


First Steps to Dye your Wig


  1. Safety measures 

                                                        Use apron and disposable hand gloves for protection


Before you start dyeing, make sure to always wear old clothes or an apron with disposable gloves to avoid splitting into your hands and clothes you are wearing. If the dye gets on your hand, it can be erased by using soap and baking soda. Use plastic or newspapers around you to avoid damaging your floors.


  1. Boil water in a large pot

                                                                                     Boil water in a large pot

Choose the pot’s size, depending upon the wigs you are using. Measure the amount 0f water you are boiling for every 1 cup of water. Add three teaspoons of fabric dye.


  1. Add the dye

                                                     Essentials for wig dyeing process-pot, gloves, water, clothes


If you finish boiling water, add the fabric dye.


2. Rinse wig with water


Make sure to damp your wigs, so it is easy for you to dye the wigs. Remember to do it before starting the process of dying.


3. Add wig inside the pot


If you want to achieve a darker shade, let the wig soak inside the pot for a longer duration. Make sure to check it on time and take out the wig as soon as you achieve its desired color.


4. Rinse in cold water


Remove your wig after a few minutes and always make sure to rinse it in cold water to avoid hair damage and breakage.


5. Air dry

                                          Use a wig stand to let your wig air dry rather than using blow-dry

Use a wig stand to let your wig air dry rather than using blow-dry. It is always best to let it air dry because it helps your wig achieve a gorgeous and natural-looking look. It adds shine and glow to your hair.


The dyeing process is complicated at times, but you can always consult hairstylist and professionals for advice related to the hair wig dyeing process. I recommend you to visit Diva Divine hair salon for information about hair wigs.

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Second strategy on how to dye synthetic wigs:


                                     Synthetic wigs are made from artificial materials, but they look more natural


If you are dyeing a synthetic wig, choose tinted shampoos or tonics. Dilute a small amount of mixture with water.


Follow these ways to achieve a perfect color:


Pro-tip: Rinse your hair wig with a mild shampoo to rinse off excess fat, dirt, and styling products out from the wig. The wig must be dry and clean before starting dyeing.


  • Make sure to apply mixture coloring base to the roots of the hair and then to the ends
  • Section the wig into parts and use. It is easier this way
  • Apply a color fixing balm on the wig after dyeing synthetic wig
  • After that, let the wig dry for some longer duration


Synthetic wigs are made from artificial materials, but they look more natural. The lifespan is longer only if you opt for a high quality of wigs from reputable hair stores (Diva Divine salon). The strands can be colored with any color tone, and they are easier to make any hairstyles you prefer. You can use heating tools (blow-dry, straightener, curler iron) for synthetic wigs. It causes no damage at all.

While using different varieties of hair dyes for your wig, once or twice should be enough. But do not dye too often or more because wigs are fragile and can break easily. You can’t use it for a longer duration if you keep on coloring now and then.


Process of dyeing a wig with a marker


Using a marker is a convenient way while dyeing your synthetic hair. The color base does not fade away if you use a marker. Apply permanent marker to each strand, let it dry, and brush it properly after all the procedures.


How to dye a synthetic wig with fabric dye?

  • Stir 1 liter of water with a small jar of coloring base
  • Place the wig in the mixture and leave it for three days
  • Let the synthetic curls dry thoroughly



Follow this wig coloring process step-by-step


Be careful while dyeing a synthetic wig at home.


  • Wear protective gloves
  • To avoid getting in touch with dye on your favorite cloth, wear old clothes to cover them.
  • Use a disposable jar to prepare the dye
  • Dip a thin brush in the shade and apply it to a lock of the synthetic hair wig section-by-section
  • Carefully dye it over the lock until all hair wig are colored


These are some home remedies to dye synthetic hair wigs at home. All you need is a little patience and a lot of time to achieve the perfect color you have been wanting. It is always important to remember the best dyeing procedures.




Create the most glamorous shades for your wig that brings you uncountable happiness and satisfaction to your new hair dyeing. You can make New Hairstyle you want with the best shades you have chosen for your hair wig.



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