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How to Hire Remote Game Developers in 2023

Embark on a game development project

Seventy-three percent of remote workers switched during the last four years, and over 80 percent of respondents want to work remotely for as long as is practical, according to a Fiverr study. In contrast to a lot of other technologies, games do not change over generations nowadays. All ages, genders, and socioeconomic groups find them appealing. The video gaming market will be valued at $103.5 billion in 2022, according to NewZoo. This tendency has an effect on the need for industry professionals. Finding suitable engineers or designers for gaming companies gets increasingly challenging as a result of the severe competition.

When considering game technologies before hiring a game development company, there are several options to explore. Here are some popular choices:

Unity 3D:

Unity is a well-known game production engine that is famous for its extraordinary flexibility and user-friendly interface. When trying to create games for a variety of platforms, choosing to hire Unity 3D developers turns out to be a wise choice. Unity gives creators the freedom to investigate countless game production options because to its seamless connectivity with console, PC, and mobile devices.

Unreal Engine:

Known for its superb aesthetics and realistic gameplay, Unreal Engine is another well-liked game development tool. Employ Unreal Engine developers to create aesthetically attractive and engaging video games.


A powerful open-source game development framework called Cocos2d excels at creating engrossing 2D games. The investment in Cocos2d developers stands out as a top option because of its major concentration on 2D game development. This adaptable framework supports a wide range of programming languages, including C++, Lua, and JavaScript, allowing developers to use familiar tools. Additionally, Cocos2d’s user-friendly setup offers a smooth installation procedure, supporting effective game creation for eager designers.

GameMaker Studio:

GameMaker Studio is an intuitive game-building tool that needs no coding expertise. It features a visual scripting interface and is appropriate for creating 2D games. Hiring GameMaker Studio developers could be a smart move if you’re seeking a user-friendly solution or want to prototype rapidly.

HTML5/Web Technologies:

It would be fantastic to use HTML5 and web technologies if you were targeting web-based games. Working with game developers who are knowledgeable about HTML5 and web technologies makes sense in this situation. This method allows for quick gameplay in web browsers without the need for further installations.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR):

Consider employing developers who are experienced with these technologies if you’re interested in creating AR or VR games. They will be familiar with frameworks and programs made expressly for AR and VR development, including the VR integration in Unreal Engine or the AR Foundation in Unity.

Why You Should Hire Remote Developers

  • You can access a wide talent pool from all around the world by using remote hiring. You are not constrained by a certain geographic area, allowing you access to highly qualified developers who might not be accessible nearby.
  • Remote developers offer flexibility in terms of project scaling. You can hire developers on a project basis or as needed, adjusting the team size according to project requirements.
  • Hiring remote developers brings a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to your project. This diversity can foster creativity and innovation, leading to a unique and engaging metaverse development company.
  • Remote developers are experienced in working autonomously and managing their time effectively. They are typically self-driven, motivated, and adaptable to different work environments, making them well-suited for remote collaboration.

How to Hire Remote Developers

1. Find candidates

If you want to hire game developers for your project, you must draw in a sizable enough applicant pool to enable you to select the finest applicants. Three methods exist for finding talent for your project:

Freelance Marketplaces: You can opt to hire metaverse developers from freelancing portals like Upwork and Fiverr if you need them on-demand for a certain project.

Job Postings: By placing job postings on job boards like Indeed, you may recruit remote software engineers. Additionally, you can publish positions in your website’s career area.

Social media: Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram allow you to search for qualified and talented engineers. You can post the vacancy in a variety of job-related groups, and any interested candidates can contact you from there.

2. Examine applications and begin screening

You must devote the majority of your time to sifting applications and interviewing applicants if you want to hire game developers in the most efficient manner. Additionally, you should review their portfolios on websites like GitHub and Stack Overflow to see whether they suit your company’s culture. This procedure can assist you in finding qualified remote game developers.

3. Conduct interviews for soft skills

To make an educated decision, you must interview each candidate after the first screening process. Remote programmers have to share your company’s values. The hiring process should be conducted in a way that keeps the candidate’s suitability for your organization as the major consideration. When employing remote teams, HR typically conducts this type of interview, focusing on candidates’ attitudes, personalities, and value systems.

  1. Conduct technical interviews

The best developers will have the hard and soft skills required for a specific role at your company. For this reason, it’s crucial to conduct both a technical and soft skills interview (although they can be merged into a single interview). In order to assess a developer candidate’s cognitive abilities, it is best to give an abstract topic and ask the applicant to decompose it into manageable tasks. A senior engineer, team lead, or technical architect usually conducts a technical interview.

5. Make a proposal and accept.

You’ve made your hiring decision at this point. You must now present a proposal, which they must accept before you can bring in the developers. You should provide them with a list of items that each new employee has to be aware of. You should establish efficient communication channels, schedule meetings, and compile the required documents throughout the employee onboarding process. Finally, you should assign one of your in-house developers to provide your remote developers with additional in-depth training and to respond to their queries.


In 2023, hiring remote game developers has become an increasingly viable and advantageous option for businesses looking to embark on game development projects. It allows businesses to leverage a diverse range of skills and perspectives while optimizing costs and maintaining a competitive edge in the dynamic and evolving game development industry.


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