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How To Install Laminate Flooring?

Enhancing your home or office interiors require some time, creativity and hard work in researching and
then implementing the same. Flooring plays a crucial role in improving your home or office decor. And
to give a finishing touch to the stylish flooring, laminate flooring accessories come in handy.

Laminate stair nosing is one of the most important accessories that not only lend finishing touches to
your staircase but also improve safety.

Laminate flooring is quite easy to install. If you want to improve your home or office decor and if you
love DIY projects, then this one is for you.

Here is the step by step process of installing the laminate flooring.

Prepare the Subfloor

The first step before you could install the flooring is preparing the subfloor. Now the question is how
do you prepare the subfloor. You need to clean it. If there was an old flooring, remove it. Remove
moldings and clear away the debris.

Check on the level of the subfloor. It should be perfectly flat. Fill up the low areas if any. If your floor
is not levelled, apply self levelling thin set mortar.

Trim Old Door Jambs

You need to prep door jambs too. You need to trim the old one so that the new one will get space. Do it
using under cut saw. It should be perfect and clean.

Under the door jamb put a laminate piece. The place where the laminate top is meeting the door jamb,
mark it by drawing a line. Now cut the door jam. Remember if your flooring doesn't have pre installed
underlayment, then you need to have that thickness added.

Layout Planning
Check your product if there is any defect like chipping, splitting or warping. Now cut the tongue side
off the planks, use saw for this. This you will use as you start with the first wall. Keep the expansion
gap spacers along the wall you are starting with.

Now lay the floorboards, ensure the flat side is towards the spacers. And the grooved side face the
room. Next continue laying the first row from one side to the other.

Lay The Complete Floor

Install the floorboards like a puzzle. The tongue side of board 2 must be attached to the groove side of
board 1. This can be easily achieved at an angle. Ensure the two boards locked together properly.
Similarly lay the boards from left to right. And repeat the steps till the entire subfloor is covered. Keep
staggering the boards.

When you are nearing the last pieces, measure the distance between second to the last plank and your
gap space and mark your edge plank with pencil. You must use pull bar for the tight fit of the end

Install The Thresholds

Between any open door and end of flooring you need to install the thresholds. They are available online
at All In All Flooring Accessories in a wide range. You can select as per your flooring requirement.

Now give the finishing touch. Remove the spacers and trim the extra underlayment. Attach the
baseboards and shoe molding to the wall.

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