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How To Keep Your Clothes Bright And Clean?

How To Keep Your Clothes Bright And Clean?

The frustrating situation when you just bought a new pair of clothing, and after the first wash, it fades the color. Sigh! Everyone wishes to wear clothes, which is bright, clean and smells good.

If you put some extra efforts and follow a few tips, then your clothes are bound to remain bright and clean. Below mentioned is an entire blog that specifies on maintaining your clothes neat and damage free.

*  When you are changing your dresses, suits, jackets, shoes keep them out for at least 30 minutes. Give them a chance to breathe before you keep them into the closet. Do not throw the clothes on a chair it will cause wrinkles.

*  In summer, be wary of applying sunscreens and lotions. Because at times, the color might fade away or there will be a stain on the clothing.

*  Whenever the season gets over, and it is time to put the clothes back, wash them first; let it dry in the fresh air under the shade. Chances are insects might get attracted if there is a food stain.

*  Do not use plastic bags to store your clothes. It will catch humidity. Opt for cotton bags.

*  Anyone who has handled the laundry before is aware of the fact to keep the whites away from the colored prints. Because even the lightest tone of cloths will spread color. Don’t wash your towels, napkins, handkerchiefs with the clothes. They require more time in drying and produce many furs.

*  DO NOT keep your wet clothes inside the closet. It will cause mildew also known as webby fungi.

*  Never put heaps of clothes in the washing machine. Only fill around 3/4th washing space. The cleaner uses dynamic movements that help in removing the dirt particles. If the device is filled excessively with clothes, then it won’t be able to perform the function.

*  Sometimes when you are washing clothes, there are patches left on the freshly laundered clothes. The reason behind it is they are the residue of excess soap. When you use fabric softener or detergent in excess, instead of removing the dirt, it sticks to the cloth leaving stains on the clothing. Therefore, do not use excess detergents.

*  If you have digital fabric printing clothes, then wash them in cold water to prevent the breakdowns of the fiber.

*  You wore your brand new jeans, and there is already a single stain of food. You don’t need to add it in the machine to wash it off. Instead, get a bowl filled with cold water, add a dash of detergent and clean it using a toothbrush or scrub it through your hand.

*  Cleaning your washing machine is mandatory. Often it is overlooked and because of which at times it stinks. You can clean it with white vinegar and select the hottest setting of water to clean the tub.

*  Additionally, you can use vinegar for brightening of your clothes and avoid chlorine bleach.

*  Spray perfume or deodorant before wearing the clothes.

*  Did you know that the detergents you use in dishwashers are quite useful? Isn’t surprising it? Well, the detergents help in cleaning as well as brightening the garments, especially of children socks and underwear. One or two teaspoon is enough to wash the clothes.

*  To maintain your jeans darker wash them inside out. Also, add a half cup of pure white vinegar to rinse finally. The vinegar will also remove the bad smell from the jeans.

*  The heat of the dryer damages the clothes and shrinkage of the fabrics as well. Try to avoid using the dryers. What you can do is squeeze excess water from the clothes and line them up on the drying rack. Besides, you can also use the plastic hanger. Lastly, if you are left with no option then dry the clothes at the lowest heat setting of your dryer.

You know, you have grown up when you start looking after your things. As much as we love keeping ourselves clean and smell good, our clothes play the prominent role in it.

You can enjoy new and brightening clothes by following these tips. Trust us; your clothes will last longer and remain fresh. If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to drop it in the comment section.

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