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How to learn boxing from scratch

Do you want to learn boxing from scratch
Are you new to boxing and don’t know where to start? I made this complete basic boxing guide for all beginner boxers.

Boxing is a great workout, perhaps the most challenging of all sports. Requires speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance, and ultimate mental toughness. it gives you immense power, speed , mobility & Strength

Now you have to stick to basics and learn how to stand in stance The basic boxing stance is supposed to be easy for beginners to attack and defend easily. You’re well covered in this stance with both hands ready to attack easily. More advanced fighters will use different boxing stances for more advanced body movements and counter-punching opportunities.

Progression :

✓Front toe & back heel on the center line. Dominant hand in back (if you are right-handed, put the right hand in back).

✓Weight evenly distributed across both legs, knees slightly bent.

✓Feet diagonal, little wider than shoulder width apart, back heel raised.

✓Elbows down, hands up.

✓Head behind your gloves, chin slightly down, eyes see over the gloves.

✓Relax and breathe!

✓To go FORWARD or LEFT, step with your left foot first and then drag the right foot after.

✓To go BACKWARD or RIGHT, step with your right foot first and then drag the left foot after.

✓Pivot CLOCKWISE by swinging your right foot and letting your body pivot over the left foot.

✓Practice small pivots (45-90 degrees) as well as big pivots (90-180 degrees).

✓Turn your whole body and pivot your feet on ALL PUNCHES EXCEPT THE JAB.

✓Maintain your stance and balance for better power and mobility.

✓Make sure the non-punching hand is defending the other side of your body.

✓Exhale sharply on every shot.

✓All boxing punches are basically a variation of straight punches (elbow straight), hook punches (elbow sideways), or uppercut punches (elbow down).

✓Rotate your hips and upper body CCW as you pivot your right foot (about 90 degrees).

✓Exhale sharply as you extend your right fist straight out from your chin.

✓Rotate the fist to land with your palm down.

✓Do not let your head lean past your front knee.

✓Pivot your feet clockwise (about 90 degrees) as you drop the right heel and lift the left heel.

✓Your body rotates as one solid block when you pivot your feet.

✓The left arm tightens as you swing your left fist into the target.

✓Pivot your feet clockwise (about 90 degrees) as you drop the right heel and lift the left heel.

✓Your body rotates just like a left hook (don’t lean forward or backward).

✓With your elbow pointing down, drop your left fist slightly and swing it upwards as you exhale.

✓The punch lands with the palm facing up.

✓Keep this punch compact, and recover to your stance quickly.


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