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How to Pick the Right Western Party Dresses as Per Your Body Type?

Every woman is built differently; some are blessed with healthier figures while others are leaner. We women generally feel more confident in public when we dress in outfits that flatter our body type. If you prefer western attire, opt for party dresses that highlight your best features. By doing so, you take away the attention from those parts of your body, which you would rather not flaunt.

Right Western Party Dresses as Per Your Body Type
Start by determining your body shape as a woman. To know which category you fall under, measure your bust, waist, and hips in inches. Display your fashionable side by picking-up a trendy silhouette that accentuates your most enviable feature. For a happier you, embrace your body type to buy western party wear dresses for girl.

Let us assist you in first identifying your body type. Correspondingly you will also learn about all you need to consider while selecting the perfect western dress for the next happening party:

An Apple Shape

If you are top-heavy with a bigger bust, broader shoulders, protruding tummy, and slimmer legs, you have an apple-shaped body. You need to wear clothes that deviate attention away from your waist and mid-section. A-line and V-neck dresses best suit your body type as they tend to make your torso look elongated. Instead of wearing belts around your waist, a sash or chain hung low on your hips, does justice to your body.

If it is a two-piece outfit, the top half should extend just below your hips and preferably be layered. Altogether avoid bulky and clingy silhouettes. If your dress needs to be paired with a belt, wear the belt just below your bust instead of around your waist. This helps to minimize your waist and create appealing curves. Party dresses with belts that pinch at the waist are best avoided.

A Pear Shape

This body type is just the opposite of an apple shape as your lower half appears bulkier that the top half. The prominent characteristics of a pear-shaped body are narrower shoulders along with more noticeable hips, bottom, and thighs. Embellished and patterned dresses work best with such a curvaceous body type when looking to buy western party wear dresses for girl. If you choose to wear a short dress, just a little above the knee by way of length is suitable. Anything shorter is far from flattering.

Make your shoulders appear broader by wearing scarves, puff sleeves, wider necklines, and chunky necklaces. For those who prefer wearing skirts, an A-line skirt in a solid dark color works wonders for this figure. Team it with brightly colored tops in horizontal striped patterns to add width and make the desired impression. Your party dress must downplay your lower half and emphasize your upper body.

A Rectangular Shape

Those who fall under this category have waists measuring a couple of inches lesser than your bust. Some of you in this body type may boast of a wide chest, extra flab around the midriff, and a curvy bottom. Choose dresses that accentuate your slim waist like those with belts or wraparounds.

Enhance your shoulders and add volume to your top half with the help of dresses with ruffles and frills. In addition, these add texture and a touch of femininity to your thin frame. Even accessorizing your neck generously provides the required illusion. Wear party dresses that celebrate your enviable waistline and draw attention towards it. Your silhouette must create curves where none exist.

An Hourglass Shape

Many women crave for this body type as it boasts of a narrow waist with equal bust and hip measurements. With curves at all the right places, both your upper and lower body parts appear in proportion with each other. If you are the lucky one blessed with this body type, even your slightly fleshy upper arms, fuller bottom, and broader shoulders draw attention for all the right reasons.

Wear body-hugging dresses that define your waist further. This approach indirectly also highlights your proportionate bust and hips. Tailor-made outfits make you look shapely by flattering your beautiful curves. V-neck dresses and pencil skirts are totally cut out for hourglass-shaped bodies. These further enhance your attractive assets.

Your lifestyle and family genes also determine your body shape. Follow a proper diet and exercise to fit into the party dress you have been admiring for long. After all, clothes are worn to flatter your body, irrespective of its shape. It is human nature to be critical of our bodies, but the fact remains, nobody is made perfect. Adopt a grateful approach for a healthy body, and you will soon see the beauty in every imperfection.

Ladies, while dressing to kill, remember, you can dazzle and yet be comfortable in the trendiest Western dress. Avoid blindly following fashion trends as what suits one body type invariably does not compliment another. Focus on your strengths and stride out confidently.

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