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How to style outfits yourself


Are you feeling uninspired when it comes to your outfits? Do you need some help styling your next look? Before you head to the mall or consult with someone else, read through our tips on how to style a fashionable outfit yourself. You might be surprised – it’s easier than you think!

Pick a Color
All good outfits begin with a certain focus. We recommend you begin with a color or color scheme. This way, you can build your outfit around a few colors in your closet, select accessories based on those colors, and top it all off with shoes that coordinate.

While you don’t have to dress according to the season, it’s fun to find a color scheme that complements the weather and mood. Dressing in fall colors can make you appear mysterious, and dressing in spring colors makes you look bright and cheery. Color is important and will lay the foundation for your finished look.
Focus on a Few Accessories


Accessories can make or break a great outfit. Wearing jewellery is an easy way to add polish and sophistication to your appearance, while hair accessories can make you look effortless and casual. Get creative and find unique accessories that suit your personal style!

An accessory that can completely change an outfit’s vibe is a handbag. A stylish bag is a great way to add some pizzazz to your outfit while carrying your essentials. Bags can dress an outfit up or down and, depending on the color, enhance your style in the best way.

Play with Styles

Don’t feel committed to one silhouette or combination of items in your closet. Styling a spectacular outfit is an opportunity to mix and match items you might not normally wear together, like combining formal with informal pieces.

Do you have a blazer or two that you typically wear for work? Pair one with light-wash denim and a white t-shirt for a laid-back vibe. Or, you can skip the blazer and wear a clothing vest over your white t-shirt for an effortlessly cool look.
Don’t Forget the Shoes


Top your stylish outfit off with an unexpected shoe choice. If you like playing with styles, or mixing and matching formal and informal pieces, consider opting for sneakers with a dress, or heels with a pair of jeans.

Remember when we said you should build an outfit around color? Colorful shoes are a great way to bring it all together. If you choose neutral colors for most of your outfit, you can wear bright and colorful shoes for a fun twist. Or, if you styled an already-bright outfit, select neutral shoes to balance it all out.

Styling an outfit can be a fun exercise in self-expression and creativity. Digging deep into your closet to style items you may have forgotten about will bring them new life. You don’t have to go shopping or consult an expert to style a beautiful outfit for yourself. Just follow our tips for a finished look that is unique, classy, and polished.

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