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How Your Teeth Affect the Length and Shape of Your Face

The teeth are reason we are able to eat and bite foods in a comfortable manner. Could you think of eating properly if there were no teeth? In that case, the life would be difficult with only liquids to rely on for subsistence. 

The role of teeth goes well beyond than just helping us speak and chew food. They are also responsible for the length and shape of our face. If teeth were not there, our face would not appear as long as it does. That’s why older people who have lost all their teeth often have a face that looks compressed together. With no teeth and jawbone smaller, their face shows the effect and appears shorter to us. 

Plus, the mouth will open down much further when there are no teeth which makes the face appear shorter. After all, mouth hits the teeth below and stays till there when teeth are there, so it the face maintains its usual shape. Similarly, the space between the chin and tip of the nose comes closer in the absence of teeth as there is nothing to hold the jawbones apart. 

When teeth are not in the mouth – 

  • The mouth appear seems a bit puckered inward
  • The lips and the area around the mouth have not support to stay apart
  • The chin and nose appear closer making the face looks shorter 
  • The relative length of the face will be affected based on the absence or presence of teeth in the mouth 

Here are scenarios in which your teeth appear shorter –

1. Teeth Loss 

Teeth loss is bad not only from functional point of view but also from aesthetic as well. When someone has lost all their teeth, they symmetry of their face gets disturbed which can affect the face. Losing the back teeth can show more effect on the face as it is responsible for bearing most of the force of bite. That’s why older people with no teeth tend to have shorter face.  

2. Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a serious problem which you should never ignore. Because, it can lead to wear away of the tooth structure and when that happens, the teeth get shorter. And when teeth lose their standard size, they cause the face to appear shorter. So, if anyone is in habit of teeth grinding, it’s always better to consult the dentist and find treatment.  

3. Cavities

Anything that eats away tooth structure can prove harmful for the aesthetic of the face. And this is why cavities are bad as they can also cause the bite to collapse. When you have cavity, it can gradually erode the enamel and gnaw away at the minerals of the teeth. If you care about the look and feel of your face, make sure you are away from the risk of cavities. 

4. Teeth Drift 

Bad dental alignment could also affect the length and shape of your face. When teeth are drifted out of their natural positions, they cause alignment concerns where both sets teeth – the upper and lower ones – don’t come together. This leads to a deeper bite and a shorter face.  So, don’t let empty space in your teeth and this will save drifting and help maintain the natural shape and size of your teeth.

                                             Clearly, the shape and length of your face depends a lot on your teeth and you should focus on maintaining a better oral health forever. For any problem, consult a top dental clinic nearby, get yourself checked and examined. This will help treat cavities, alignment problems etc. and ensure a face that looks natural.


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