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Human Flag Tutorial: Beginner to expert level

The human flag is one of the most hard and difficult workout  for upper body—without a strong arm, shoulder, back, and core muscles it’s quite impossible. But the challenge of the pose is also what makes it satisfying. With strength training and practice, completing a human flag is attainable. One require a proper training under the guidance of his/ her coach.

So, here inyin this this blog you will  see a complete human flag Tutorial from Begginers to expert level.

When I say human flag workout, it means you are involving complete upper body that includes delta, lats, obliques.


Start with basic workouts to strengthen  upper body

1. Side planks

2. Hanging hip hiker

3  piked shoulder pushups

Human flag is typically performed by grasping a vertical pole with the top hand in an overhead grip facing the opposite direction.


Support press : grab your overhead bar with one hand while using your opposite hand to press into vertical pole .make sure to keep to both arms totally straight with your shoulders and lats engaged.

step 2

Chair support : graspe the pole as described above and take support of chair . It helps you to overshoot the kick up when starting out.pulling your top arm keeping your legs straight on the chair then hold the position for time . keeping both arms fully extended.

Step 3 

Start from a vertical flag, then lower yourself into the full human flag position. Gradually transitioning in order to maintain control and ease yourself into the full hold.

Thus. You need to press into the pole as hard as possible with your bottom arm while suqeezing and pulling from your top arm

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