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Impact of fashion on our life?

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. A style is more about being yourself.” —Oscar de la Renta


Fashion is a way of expressing yourself without uttering a word to the crowd. It should be a choice you make while picking up a dress, a shirt or a pair of shoes. It should be a personalized blend with creativity. But today it is not like that people are being manipulated by the designers to buy that one trending look. People are interested in buying a dress similar to what stars wore in the award functions or in a movie. People do not look for something different with a fear that they might look old fashioned or outdated. Fashion has been constantly changing and evolving.  Sometimes a designer adds a new spark to old dying designs and they are revived back. Many old styles are very much in vogue currently like a casual maxi dress, white casual dress and flared pants.


Influence of Fashion on our lives:


People these days are a lot influenced by fashion and styling. If a fam jam or some farewell party is approaching people will start the preparation somewhat two to three months before and will be occupied with it till the function arrives.  Clothes have the power to build you and at the same time make you a laughing stock.


Different places require different outfits like an office outfit will be completely different from the one which you will wear to a party. Fashion has become a major part of our world either we want it or not. Advertisements are the first major basic source to influence our thoughts and dressing. People are becoming more trend alert and conscious about what and how to wear it. Fashion is not just limited to party dresses or formal wear but it has become a huge part of us. Today night suits too are selected wisely by keeping the latest trend in mind. You live in a bubble that the world of fashion and styling has created for you through various mediums.


Having a fancy phone cover and spraying expensive perfume on yourself also display how fashionable and classy your taste is. If you are not following the trend you are out of the fashion league in which they are playing every day.


When you pick up a trendy piece to fit yourself the first thought that hits you is, “what would your friend’s reaction be?” Instead, be confident to choose something different and that defines you.


But today fashion is not just limited to your closet, your dressing has given license to the society to judge you without even knowing you. Just looking at your dress, society can make a huge description of and your family.


According to the society, short skirt and deep neck mark your category. The dresses and particular style in clothes have been marked as good and bad, clearly as a warning if you buy this outfit you belong to this category.


Fashion trends are affected by various factors. Social, political, economic, climate, cinema are several factors that influence a fashion trend. If you are living in a snow zone your wardrobe will have a huge collection of furs and jackets which a person living on a warm land won’t have.


Political influences have also affected fashion. For instance, during the Vietnam War, the youth of America made a movement that affected the whole country. The trend of 1960 was full of fluorescent colours, fringed patterns, bell bottom jeans and skirt became the protest outfit of the year 1960.


During the Victorian era, the corset was an important part of the outfit its purpose was to make waist small as much as possible, stockings and hats were important too this pattern is still followed by the people there.


Fashion is not only limited to outfits, bags, and shoes. It extends up to drinking too. Sipping wine or carmessi in that elegant dress is also part of a fashion.


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In 2019 your wardrobe isn’t just limited to fancy clothes. From perfumes, shoes to watches it even extends to your drinks collection. Having some rare bottles of whiskey like eagle rare or aged wines in your bar also depicts your fashion quotient.


Fashion is not about following the trend blindly, it is more about creating one yourself. Don’t get packed in a bodycon dress if you are not comfortable in it, buy things that let you blossom and enhance your personality more vibrantly. Don’t purchase just because you saw a model wearing it, ask yourself if I will be comfortable in it? If the answer is yes, add that piece to your collection. Fashion should not cage you instead of liberating you!

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