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Importance of Wearing Name Badges for Businesses

You must have seen members of a company wearing similar name badges with their name written on it. Whether you enter an office premises, a retail showroom, a hotel or restaurant, or a community club, wearing a name badge helps in building corporate identity, providing security, marketing a business, and do much more to benefit a company. Here, we will discuss a few points that will help you identify the importance of wearing these badges.

Enhance Communication:

According to studies, two people are able to communicate with each other in a better way if they remember each other’s name. For instance, if you are working in a large corporation, you will have to interact with your fellow employees on a regular basis, even with those whom you have never met before. Their name written on their name badges will instantly break that barrier. When you are able to communicate better, you are able to perform better too. You will also have no difficulty in remembering people’s names when their name is right in front of your eyes.

Strengthen Corporate Identity:

Most name badges have your business logo too. So, when your employees wear them, they become walking billboards of your business. This, in a way, gives free publicity to your company. If your employees meet other people in the industry, or if they go to places other than the office, then they will wear your company logo too along with their name. In this way, your company logo will be seen by a lot of people at different places, thereby giving more exposure to your business.

Improve Security:

Employees of different departments can be given name badges in different colours, shapes or designs. So, everyone can instantly know where this particular employee belongs too, and where he or she should be at the moment. In case of a mishap or accident, people can quickly identify the person with his or her name and your company logo on the badge. So, wearing the name badge improves the security level of your employees too both inside your office and out.

Ease Accessibility:

Sometimes, customers want to file a complaint, give a feedback, submit a praise or ask a question. But they may not be able to do that if they do not know the name of the person whom they want to talk about. When your employees are wearing their name badges, their identity becomes transparent and they become easier to approach. Employees also feel friendlier when their customers call them by their name.

Monitor Employee Behaviour:

It is not uncommon for employees to misbehave with the customers. When a dissatisfied customer files a complaint, it is frustrating when you cannot find out who the misbehaving employee was. But when your employees have their name displayed on their badge, the customer can directly complain with his or her name, and you can quickly sort out the problem. In the first instance, when your employees have their name exposed, they will automatically keep a check on their behaviour, as they know that they can’t get away quietly after doing the crime.

Increase Sales:

When your customers read your employee’s name on their name badge, they work as an invitation to come and know your business better, browse through your products and services, and understand your brand better. This ultimately helps in increasing sales for your company.

So, name badges are powerful tools to build your brand identity, enhance security, improve communication, monitor employee behaviour, and build better relationships with customers. These are few of the reasons why badges have become so popular in the corporate culture over the last few years.

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