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Interior Design and Granite- A Complete Guide

Granite stone is a very hard and strong stone that is characterized by having a very high compressive strength and a wide variety of colors compared to other stones. Its empty fractions are few and this has caused it to also have low water absorption. The granite stone texture has a uniform and flat appearance. Its unique characteristics have made it the preferred material in interior design.
The interior of the material has clearly visible black grains in its texture. It is characterized by being the best known igneous rock. Many people are familiar with granite because it is the most common and resistant type of stone found on the earth’s surface. It is for this reason that it is widely used for the creation of objects that are used in everyday life.
From cabinets, kitchen countertops, floor coverings, pavers, curbs, stairs and external facades of buildings are some of the parts in which granites are used. It is very common to see the presence of granite in many parts of the house because it has been the favorite material of many architects, interior designers and decorators who want to give the space a rustic style.
For centuries, stone has been one of the most used materials in the home . Housing is not just a place to sleep and eat. It is an environment close to constantly adapting to the lifestyle, preferences and essence of each one. That is when interior design is of great relevance to capture the best style that allows us to be comfortable all the time we are in our home.
The scoop and the harmony of shape, color and materiality with the personality are extremely important aspects, so that the house is a point of emotional enrichment, ideal for dedicating yourself to well-being, relaxation and the interests you prefer. It is precisely the materials that are used to characterize the profile of the house: among these, the granite ones play a leading role in the home, embellishing the interiors and giving a style of elegance to the furniture of the house.

FactThe top exporters of Granite in 2020 were India ($747M), Norway ($138M), Brazil ($78.1M), China ($69.8M), and Spain ($67.6M).

Granite stone in the home
Using materials such as marble and stone to decorate the interior of the house is a choice that gives the home a very special style. These are two elements that last over time and that contribute to making interiors welcoming, elegant and original. However, the two stones have some differences: the stone has a higher hardness and is therefore recommended for outdoor use, while jasper is more suitable for the creation of classic elements.
According to experts, one of the distinctive features of granite stones is their durability and strength. These stones are also highly resistant to erosion and can be used as floor coverings. Due to its high toughness, this stone can withstand difficult weather conditions and that is why it is distinguished by having a very elegant appearance.
It is perfect to be used in facades and floor coverings. This igneous stone also has good impact resistance and cannot be broken easily.
For those looking for a beautifully designed and functional kitchen, stone is always the right choice. This is because it is easy to clean and maintain, which makes everything very practical and easy. According to experts, stones from this material are mainly used in kitchens. Stones can be used as countertops, cabinet tops, or even floor coverings.
But to leave the trivial and stop applying the stone only on the kitchen countertop, think about scaling the material all over the wall. The idea brings refinement to the project and also builds an easy to clean area as it replaces the tiles with grout. Having this material on the walls not only allows for an easier area to clean; It also allows you to have a very elegant and totally sophisticated kitchen.
The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that can best be enhanced with the application of these materials, which can be used to create high-value bathtubs, shelves and sinks. Countertops are always the first ideas that come to mind, but why not cover the area around the bathtub with stone?
As we pointed out in the previous paragraphs, the stones are impermeable to water. Therefore, they can be used in the interior decoration of bathrooms. These stones can be used as a surface on which sinks are mounted and also as decoration for bathroom walls.
You can also escape the obvious by choosing granite bathroom niches. Replace those slightly outdated metal structures and still build fixed areas that meet your needs. If you need a lot of space, you can embed a side-by-side granite niche in the larger wall of the box. If you prefer something simpler, two small granite niches can solve your problem. Play with heights and build the idea of ​​movement.
Granite lends itself perfectly to creating old – style floors, producing effects of great aesthetic value. From a chromatic point of view, jasper is preferable to many other stones, because it allows extremely varied solutions to be created. On the other hand, granites give life to more “rough” effects, precisely because of their “grainy” structure that adapts well to rural and traditional contexts.
Explore colors to create different environments. Granites in lighter shades create bright spaces, while darker granites add elegance to the project. If you think that the entire floor of the room is too exaggerated, for example, apply it to small areas such as a hallway. This can help you highlight the area, creating a different functionality for it. Stone as a door sill is also a very simple and beautiful option.
color trend
Black never goes out of style, it is often said, the same goes for granite : black stone lives a second youth. The trend is reinforced by a substantial increase in articles that have appeared abundantly in furniture and design magazines in recent months. But we who experience black granite every day can say that there has never been a real decline in interest in this material.
What makes black granite a highly sought after material?
Well, it’s easy to say, echoing the famous saying black goes with everything, it goes without saying that black stone, especially in combination with white materials, can create extremely elegant atmospheres. Black and white are the extremes, emptiness and fullness, nothingness and everything, they are often the starting point for decorating any environment. White expands the spaces and black tends, on the contrary, to limit them, to mark them.
Let’s imagine a white background and a pencil that marks lines of black stone: well, we imagine painting straight lines, bands and geometric figures in a continuous alternation, creating compositions that marry design philosophies with essential and marked lines, recreating environments of elegance, with touches of style that embrace Japanese culture or that could recall certain very linear architectures of rationalism.
Speaking of the black material, it would be limiting to imagine the color black in an absolute sense: in nature we extract materials that cover all shades from absolute, total black, to the faintest of dark gray, perhaps painted in a thousand shades. Therefore, the possibilities of combining with other colors become practically endless.
Now instead of imagining a white background for space, let’s imagine a black stone background: here, therefore, all colors can come out of our pencil, from pastel to the most vivid and clear, and all will be highlighted with the help of black, enhancing all its splendor. The black color will always be a trend in interior design; especially in the most resistant material that can be found on the market.
A black stone countertop or kitchen countertop combined with colored furnishing accessories create a youthful and lively atmosphere. If we still combine black stone with gray furniture components or even gray sheets, we get an elegant, refined and professional environment. It can be well understood that a world of possibilities opens up because black emphasizes, outlines, mixes and in any case enhances any other color and is the perfect shade for any space.

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