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Kinds of Shower Filter

Installing and using BERKEY SHOWER FILTER has become one of the necessities nowadays in every household. According to BIG BERKEY WATER FILTER REVIEW, shower filters are tools that fit inside the showerheads that purify the water before reaching the skin. Like the drinking water, which uses DRINKING WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM, shower water is also filled with harmful contaminants and bacteria that can harm our skin and other parts of the body.

Harmful Effects of Unsafe Shower Water

  • Compared to drinking tap water, shower water makes us more exposed to chlorine because of the skin’s ability to quickly absorb what it contacts.
  • Shower water releases chemicals in the air inside our home. The vapor from the steamed bath and scented candles can cause higher levels of trihalomethanes (THMs) and other byproducts that can harm our health.
  • The chemicals shower water may cause harm to the skin micro biome and can irritate the skin.
  • Some of the chemicals present in shower water can maximize the risk of having cancer and other diseases.
  • Another contaminant that is present in shower water is the chloramines. A mixture of chlorine and ammonia, this chemical can be irritating both to the skin and lungs.

Kinds of Shower Filters

According to BERKEY WATER FILTER, these are the three types of shower filters that you can consider:

Granular Activated Carbon Filter

This type of BIG BERKEY WATER FILTER uses activated carbon to neutralize the chemicals present in the shower water. The most common type of shower water filter is that a carbonized filter is effective in removing the chlorine content in the water. This filter is also the cheapest, which can be helpful for those who want to try to use a shower water filter for the first time. However, this shower filter type is not suitable to use in warm temperatures.

Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) Filter

Meanwhile, the KDF shower water filter creates positive and negative charges used to remove the chlorine and other chemicals like lead and mercury in the water. Here, it uses the powers of zinc and copper to produce a redox reaction. When it comes to removing chlorine, KDF filters are the best. However, it is not good at eradicating chloramines, making it not fitted for water supplies with massive chloramine amount.

Vitamin C Filters

This shower filter uses a chemical reaction that causes a complete change in chlorine and chloramine, making it a safe cleaner. This chemical change removes these substances entirely and can also provide benefits to our skin. There are reports from its users that they get better results from their skin and hair while ensuring that no contaminants are present in their shower water. With this, it can also remove the sediments in the water, making it safer to use bathing. With these fantastic uses, one of its downsides is that its cartridges need replacements every few months.


With these mentioned shower filters, another vital thing in choosing the suitable shower filter to use is the location they are fitted in and the installation type. While most of the shower filters are best mounted above the showerheads, they can also be placed in the tank where water comes to the shower. Meanwhile, in fitting procedures, shower filters can be chosen between the magnetic and electronic types.

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