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L-sit hold for beginners

When it comes to fundamental bodyweight strength, it’s hard to beat the core workout and the most important core workout is L-sit hold. L-Sit is really challenging because it’s not just about strength. Yes, you need strength throughout your body (basically from head to toe), but you also need a fair amount of flexibility and control to perform it well. Don’t let that scare you off–the L-Sit is absolutely achievable if you follow the steps I’ll show you below. Plus, training for it will be a great complement to whatever your primary training goals may be. So when you encounter the hard or difficult workout always prefer to train under the guidance of your trainer for better results.

L-Sit Progressions

The biggest mistake people make with the L-Sit is they try to just jump right into it by throwing their legs out in front of them. Try to break the step in every workout to perform it correctly.

By breaking it down into manageable steps, though, you’ll make good progress.

1. Both Feet on the Ground

  • Keeping your feet on the ground, practice pushing your hands down, with your shoulders away from your ears.
  • Make sure to keep your butt directly beneath your shoulders.

2. Bringing One Foot off the Ground

  • Start in the position you just worked on, with your feet on the ground.
  • Bring one foot off the ground at a time, maintaining the angle in your knee and pointing your toes. Just bring the foot up slightly.
  • Keep the chest up–don’t lean your chest forward to meet your knee.
  • Make sure to practice on both feet.

3. Tuck Position

  • The next step is the tuck.
  • Work on bringing both feet up at once. If you have trouble with this, first work on coming on to your toes and working on bringing one leg up at a time, until you can get into a full tuck position.

4. Slight Leg Extension

  • From the tuck position, work on extending one leg at a time.
  • The key here is not to try to fully extend your leg at first. Just widen the angle of your knee, and work on that over time.

5. Single Leg Extension

  • Now, you’ll work on fully extending one leg at a time, slowly and with control.
  • Try to hold each side for at least 5 seconds

6. Full L-Sit

  • You made it! You’re now ready to work on the full L-Sit, extending both legs at a time while keeping the rest of your body solidly in position.
  • Don’t worry if this position still takes some time to feel comfortable with. Just be patient with yourself and work through it slowly.

If you work through these progressions as recommended, you will make progress toward the L-Sit, but because the strength and positioning required for this skill is so different from what most people are used to, it can be helpful to work on some supplemental exercises.

Results :

Maintaining the L-shape while holding your body up works muscles all over the body, with your abs, hip flexors and triceps being hit particularly hard. The Lsit is a very efficient exercise too, because holding it for just ten seconds deliver big benefits.


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