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L-sit pushups (Part II)

L-Sit pushups are the best pushups workout. Like the plank, the L-sit is also a foundational bodyweight movement, L-sits are hard, but if you want to improve your core strength and stability, It’s time to give this move the attention it deserves. The best workout for core ,arms, shoulders and back muscles workout.

The benefits of strengthening your core go way beyond sculpting abs: From keeping you upright, stabilizing your spine and pelvis, transferring strength to your limbs, and protecting you from potential injury, a strong core has some serious benefits

Progression :

1. Using two boxes, benches, or parallettes, set them up so that they are a little narrower than shoulder width apart. Stand between them and place your palms on each side so they’re under shoulders.

2. Straighten arms, lock elbows at sides, pull shoulder blades down and away from ears, and engage lats. Then, pushing down into palms, engage core lift legs (straight and together) off the floor until they’re parallel with (or close to parallel with) the floor.

  • Before you lift your feet off the ground, lock your elbows to your side. Think about screwing your palms into the box to draw your shoulders back and tighten elbows to trunk.
  • During the hold, keep back straight and core engaged to keep shoulders and spine from rounding forward.
  • Fix eyes at a point in front of you, rather than looking down at the ground. This will keep the neck in a neutral position and will help keep your shoulders from sagging.

Benifits :

L-sit works your abs, obliques, hip flexors, quads, triceps, shoulders, pecs, and lats simultaneously.

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