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Shufti Pro plays a vital role in creating cyberspace where every user’s identity and the transaction is verified digitally. It provides a strong and better service of identity verification and user authentication as a market leader. The main goal of Shufti Pro is to provide a marketplace that is free from any sort of activities that involves fraud and provide a safe and secure environment to its users, clients, and businesses.
Business Email: marketing@shuftipro.com URL: https://shuftipro.com/ Shufti Pro limited is a Software as a service provider (SaaS) providing a wide range of identity verification and authentication services to numerous businesses. Currently, Shufti Pro’s headquarter is situated in London, United Kingdom. Along with the United Kingdom, Product’s headquarters are also situated in Sweden, Cyprus, and Dubai. Shufti Pro primarily deals in the business-to-business (B2B) market, providing identity verification services to the financial infrastructures, fintech industries, banks, eLearning platforms, e-gaming platforms, cryptocurrencies, and other sectors that require identity verification to deter fraudulent activities. Shufti Pro offers simple, secure, and convenient AI-based identity verification services to end-user across 230+ countries. Prominent clients of the Shufti Pro to which the product provides the most efficient and accurate real-time identity verification services are Art Plant and  BigTigerLLC. Shufti pro combats identity theft, chargebacks, false companies, financial crimes, money laundering, cyber fraud,  and synthetic ID fraud. Shufti Pro performs identity verification within 3 to 5 seconds, from 3000+ ID documents, in 150+ languages, and performs the background screening against 1700+ watchlists. Shufti Pro offers a wide-range of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) services for fraud prevention that synergize human and artificial intelligence. State of art of shufti Pro solutions includes AML screening, Know Your Customer (KYC), Facial biometric authentication, video interview KYC, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Know Your Business (KYB) for business. Shufti Pro provides trusted RegTech solutions which include DSS complaint, GDPR, and GDPR QG. Shufti Pro provides dynamic solutions for customer identification. The customer’s identity is verified using official documents such as government-issued ID cards, passports, driving license. Shufti Pro also provides face verification solutions to fight facial spooky errors. Address verification in Shufti Pro is done through utility bills, bank statements, ID cards. Shufti Pro also provides the service of mobile 2-factor authentication for risk assessment and for the frictionless customer login. Shufti Pro offers AML screening services to the financial infrastructures to combat fraudulent activities.  The advantage of incorporating AML solutions to the businesses that involve financial transactions is the identification of PEP’s, terrorists, and blacklisted entities. AML screening is done in a few seconds with a high accuracy rate. Shufti Pro possesses exhaustive databases of watchlists and sanctions and adverse media. AML screening is done based on Interpol, OFAC, UN, FATF, and HMT standards. The human intelligence department of Shufti Pro consists of trained professionals in identity verification. They overseas that artificial intelligence and machine learning are doing their jobs without errors. HI-AI duo has made shufti Pro capable of claiming that identity verification is done frictionlessly with a high accuracy rate of up to 98.67%.  

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