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A Phenomena Explained: Interior Design and Mental Health Intertwined.

Most people have been homebound for the last couple of years. Being at the comfort of one's home, once considered a luxury has now become the safe-haven from the Covid-19 coronavirus. Earlier, when the world was fine and we were busy making a living, most of us would have hardly cherished the home interiors. But do you know that interior design has a great impact on our mental outlook. Experts in the mental health field have started examining the role of interior designs on mental health. ‘Psychology Tomorrow’ magazine in its article stated how happiness is related to interior designs. Interior Designers already have some knowledge from psychology to deal with the impact of the space in one’s emotional self. Some techniques involve persuasive design, spatial perception and stimulation of natural environments. Designers started this debate and scientists proved them right.

Appealing Room Design:

Experienced designers have understood the influence of design on mental health. The questions clients ask is how the room design makes them feel. They even ask whether the room induces stress or reduces it. All the furnishings in the space should feel like they belong to us which gives us a balance on mental health. When the balance is affected and if you feel like the furnishing and the design don’t belong to yourself, then it would make you uncomfortable.

Having Impactful Element of Connection:

A home is a reflection of one’s true self. Each item in the home portrays an associated story with you. Color is the impactful element of all the design elements. It impacts mental health to a greater extent. It can alter the mood drastically. For example, blue is a color that slows down a person’s metabolism, heart rate and blood pressure. It gives us a feeling of calmness that impacts both the body and the mind.

Cherishing the Effects of Shapes:

Having fitting shapes in the house ought to have an impact on our well-being. Donald H. Ruggles in his book, “Beauty, Neuroscience and Architecture”, stated that the timeless patterns and their impact on our total well-being. Sharp points included in the design features can cause anxiety. But a table with rounded edges helps our nervous system to relax.

The designer while checking on their clients asks a myriad of questions pertaining to the space that has been used by them regularly. The goal is to understand their relationship with space. The designer tends to listen a lot in getting to know the prospective client.

Ensuring a Tidy Mind with a Tidy Space:

Our well-being is related to our daily routine. There’s a saying, tidy space, tidy mind that has a lot of values in it. The same concept is applied to the space and its visual elements. Using some clever design techniques, you can bring a new lease of life into the spaces.

Exploring Shades of Productivity:

Color has a notable impact on well-being. The difficult room for blocking out color noise is the white. Most of the errors were made when the work was being carried out in a white room. The aqua room generates positive responses. This supports stimulating positive energy. Whereas green and blue promote communication and calmness. Exposure to certain colors produces a chemical imbalance in the brain. Hence interior designers help us in choosing the right shade for our interiors.

Well-being infrastructure in the home:

Home is a personal space for many people that has been cut off from their professional life. Family time and leisure are so related to the home. Make use of the best interior designers in Chennai for your home and create a reality of life that matters the most. Home is a hub for a family to relax and by using this concept of interior design, you can create a room that has a welcoming effect to spend the time. Make use of the appealing space as an opportunity to fill it with everything you love. Boost productivity by making the best surroundings to fit in.

Hence, promote a healthy sense of wellbeing which is not overwhelmed by technology and help nature come into the realities of life. Interior design as a whole is not about enhancing the appearance of our home. It’s about living in a happier and a healthy place.

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