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NutraSphere – Your Complete Sphere Of Daily Nutrition

NutraSphere is headed by visionary CEO Mr Prakash Rao (MSc Biochemistry, MBA (JBIMS) Marketing), an expert in health foods, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. Under his, guidance NutraSphere aims to ADD TASTE TO HEALTH by creating instant foods that make healthy eating, an enjoyable experience, every day! NutraSphere is a health, food and nutrition brand that fills the gap of daily nutrition you require by introducing health into your daily diet through instant soups, milkshakes, snacks and more for diabetes, weight loss, body-building, and general fitness. These are foods for weight management, sugar & cholesterol control, protein supplementation and more. From housewives looking to stay fit to professionals with a sedentary lifestyle and even senior citizens tired of popping pills for health, NutraSphere has products for everyone.    


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