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Looking for investments with great ROI.

Looking for investments with great ROI. As there are lots of platforms for investments like you can invest in gold, real estate, sip, mutual funds and many more .

In earlier time when east india company came to India at that time share market concept  enters in India and at that time people use to buy share of company through bidding and that was traditional and very lengthy process. But now as time goes on everything seems to be digital and evry company is going digital and now any one can invest in share market in single touch only through your mobiles or any electronic devices. In today’s scenario you don’t require any broker for share market knowledge or help of broker to invest in share market.

In earlier time every one is hiering brokers for investing money as it seems that only brokers have knowledge in share market industry and every time you have to gave fees to stock brokers that is brokerage charge but now as time goes on we have applications and 3rd party platforms for investing in share market and that also free of cost without gaving any money to stock broker. What all you need is some basic knowledge of share market or you can have knowledge through these applications also.  So the advantages of these applications is you can avail any services like sip, mutual funds, commodities etc.so it’s totally up to you how you want to invest in share market with how much capital.

But when it come to returns and that too good returns then you can go for stock market or share market. There are lots of questions in our mind like if I am a beginner then how can I invest in stock market or share market .don’t worry I will give you perfect solutions for begginers.

Logon to icici direct with zero percent brokerage charge. Isn’t it’s lovely . Means you don’t have to pay single penny to any stock broker while opening any demat or trading account.now the best part is as soon you open your account with icici then within 30minutes money will credited in your account and you will able to start trading .


There are ample of features which will help any beginner to get acces of share market knowledge effectively like  icici direct platform gives you multiple brokerage plans , you will get award winning research team who will guide you time to time regarding share market evaluations and guide you to invest in profitable stocks for better returns. The best part of this platform is they will exactly guide you about short term and long term benifits you will be getting in your capital.


Apply to ICICI direct.

Key Features :

1. Zero Account Opening Charges

2. Open ICICI Trading account with any bank in 10 minutes

3. Get your money in the account in just 30 minutes of trade.

4. Zero brokerage plan

5. 50+ products and services

6. Research-backed one-click investment baskets

7. Get stock ideas from the award-winning research team.

8. Trusted by over 5 M customers

For processing your account through ICICI direct click on




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