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Loosing side belly effectively

Excess body fat around the waistline are most stubborn fat. That can only reduce with proper workout and stick to healthy diet

Love handles or side belly fat not only they hinder work performance but overall flexibility of our body . So we should stick to target workout for our obliques to get in shape.

You can work to build up the muscles around your stomach to make your muscles bigger and stronger but end of the day you need to loose weight through targeted oblique workouts.

So in my video I have covered the best trick that shows how to loose side belly fat in  effective way. Since love handles or side belly fat required altogether different set of exercises to shed.  Being sit on office chair can lead to more fat deposition on them.

When it comes to abdominal fat loss  we need to focus on 3 things

  • Rich nutrition diet
  • Cardiovascular and resistance training
  • Target and proper workout techniques

With any fitness and health goal proper diet and workout are always the main ingredients to sucess.

While focusing on abdominal muscle one must focus on

  1. Drink alot of water
  2. Consume green veggies
  3. Avoid fried and junk food
  4. Avoid processed food
  5. Avoid acess sugar and salt

Side belly fat is the most stubborn fat and you should always take out 15-20 minutes daily for walking, swimming, biking, running etc for physical fitness


Pick any object like glass, water bottle etc and place it down on floor and stand behind that bottel ,focus on the bottel and try to do the activity which I have shown in my video try not to touch the bottel and jump across the bottel with both feets apart and twist your wasteline partialy.

Everyone tries to target this specific area with endless side crunches and other abdominal moves that Target obliques .while keeping in mind with workout always focus on clean diet with no added sugar beverages like cookies, candies, sports drink ,sodas etc and trie to replace processed ,junk food with healthy fats like adding tasty avocado to your meal.

In nut shell there are ample of workouts through  which you can rid from love handles . Always intake proper food in your diet with regular workout


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