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Master Kickboxing Combos: Unlock your potential

If you are a beginner and wants to learn kickboxing from scratch then this video is for you . Punches in bunches and Kicks in combos.  If you’re a total beginner to Kickboxing, here’s a quick reference of 10 basic Boxing and Kickboxing combinations that you can use in your training right away.

Regardless, if you’re sparring, hitting focus mitts or just putting rounds in on the heavy bag, attacking in combination is one of the most fun and effective ways to do Kickboxing.

The key thing to keep in mind as you’re executing these combinations if to focus on smoothness and fluidity instead of power.

We all know that learning the proper fancy techniques are the most fun – who doesn’t love learning to throw spinning shit? But, as many times as you hear it, basics are what win fights, so basics should be 90% or more of what you train and use.

So i decided to put together a list of some  basic kickboxing combinations that you can put to use in your padwork or sparring sessions

1.Jab — Cross — Left Hook — Low Kick
2. Inside Kick — Cross — Left Hook — Right Body Kick
3. Cross — Left Hook — Cross — Left Body Kick
4. Double Jab — Cross — Left Body Shot — Low Kick
5. Double Jab — Right Hook — Left Kick — Left Kick
6. Round kick tutorial
7. back kick tutorial
8. Side kick tutorial

When you train for a long time doing different combinations, these drills will help with muscle memory. Muscle memory means you will react to defend yourself instead of thinking about it.

Your body remembers techniques if you do enough drills and practice. This is to help your reaction time so if someone tries to punch you in the face you just react without thinking about it. You dodge the punch then come back with a jab and rear cross to their face.

We want to stress when you train you will need to train like you are in a real fight. Going through the motions is not going to help you at all. If you want to do kickboxing combinations just to get into shape it still makes sense to make it real. This could help you one day if you or your family is ever attacked.

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