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Modern Living Room Fireplace Designs

Regardless of whether or not you actually need a fireplace in your home—depending on where you live—modern fireplaces make for a gorgeous focal point or accent design in a living space. Fireplaces add an element of sophistication to any room’s aesthetic, not to mention the warmth and coziness they exude.

With far more design options than most people realize, a fireplace can tie a whole room together. Mantels are the perfect place for evergreen or seasonal decor. The hardware like knobs and gates are customizable, and the clever placement of tools can align with your existing style. Whether you have an old model in need of an upgrade or looking to install a brand new fireplace, you’ll need to know what is trending in the world of modern living room fireplace designs.

Double-Glass Fireplace
Double-glass or see-through fireplaces are uber-trendy and popular options for living rooms that are tight on space. They can be added to walls and even kitchen islands. They are incredibly quiet while providing as much heat as a traditional fireplace. These designs require virtually no maintenance while looking super chic.

Brick Fireplace
Fireplaces made of brick are fairly common, but there are tons of ways to breathe fresh life into an old design. You can add visual appeal by doing something as simple as painting the bricks. To really put your own unique stamp on a brick fireplace, consider sideways or metal bricks for a sleek, contemporary look.

Image URL: https://www.pexels.com/photo/photo-of-a-brick-fireplace-7746613/

Gas Fireplace
Say goodbye to the hassle of a wood fireplace or wood-burning stove. Gas fireplaces create a beautiful ambiance and a warm glow without the odor. Vent-free gas log systems are more efficient and produce more heat than their conventional wood counterparts. Depending on the setup of your home, you may opt for a vented gas fireplace. This type is the most common in newly constructed homes. They are easy to install, budget-friendly, and simple to operate.

Make Something Old New Again
You don’t have to do a complete renovation to achieve a modern look. Sometimes a simple remodel works wonders. Long rectangular gas fireplaces surrounded by stone have a sleek and elegant look. Consider extending the stone backdrop all the way to the ceiling to lean further into the aesthetic.

Minimalist Gas Fireplace
Smaller homes with limited space don’t have to forgo a fireplace! Choosing a minimalist style means the design will blend seamlessly into its surroundings and won’t be ornate. Flush with the wall, a minimalist design gas fireplace adds a touch of elegance without being overly intrusive.

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Framed Fireplace
If your taste is on the opposite end of the spectrum from minimalist-inspired designs, a framed fireplace might be the right choice for your home. This aesthetic delivers a major impact, drawing attention to its stand-out design. Framed fireplaces typically lend themselves to being the focal point of the room. Style your fireplace with modern tiles or natural stones. Add a pop of color with a modern photograph hanging above the fireplace. Modernize your mantel with a unique sculpture. The options are endless.

A fireplace as an accent piece or the main attraction is a great way to add a chic element to your living room. Not only do they add to the ambiance and create an aesthetically pleasing look, they are also efficient and functional. Adding a fireplace to your home is a win-win!

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