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Must Try Beauty Tips to Survive in Summer

Summer season is out and about with its full glory and a blazing sun above. Although the season is great for a beach holiday or visiting the hill stations on a weekend trip, it can be quite bad for your skin and personality. The extreme heat plays a devastating role in damaging your hair, skin and making you smell bad. Staying out in the sun causes pigmentation of the skin, premature ageing and dark spots. So, for making the summer season a bit more pleasant for you, we have here some expert tips that will make you fall in love with the season.

Follow skincare regime

Your skin needs extra love during the summer season. When you step out in the sun, the ultraviolet rays damage your skin in many ways. It causes wrinkles with premature ageing. Dark spots will start showing along with pigmentation. To avoid all these and many other problems during the summer season, you should follow a proper skin care regime, every day.

Wash your face with a mild cleanser, rub it gently using a toner and moisturise it with a serum based or gel-based moisturiser. Doing this twice a day will improve the texture of your skin, adding a healthy glow. Also, never step out of the house without applying sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30.

Exfoliate your skin

Along with cleansing, toning and moisturising, exfoliation is also important, not just for the face but for the whole body. You can use organic exfoliators such as a mix of coffee and sugar, roughly ground flour with milk cream or oil or buy body scrubs. Use them every second or the third day to get rid of the dead skin on your body. It will also remove tanning layer making your skin look bright.

Switch to long lasting perfume

During the summer season, your average perfumes and deodorants will not be able to last long. You need something that can last for a whole day with strong sillage. Try to include fragrances with summer-friendly scents such as citrus notes, floral notes, fruity notes, aquatic notes and herby minty notes. They compliment the season keeping you upbeat. Apply the perfume right after taking bath when your skin pores are clean and open. They will absorb the fragrance oils properly keeping it intact for a long time. For people with dry skin, it is essential to moisturise before using perfume.

Take care of your hair too

Hair can be a bit dry and frizzy during the summer season. Sweat accumulated around roots as well as extreme heat damages them badly. Protect them by washing with a gentle shampoo that does not strip off your hair with natural oils. Washing every second day will help you to keep them fresh. Make sure to follow shampooing with conditioning for adding moisture to your hair. If you are not in the mood for washing your hair or sweat stink is a bit too much, spray your perfume on the hairbrush and brush your hair gently using the brush.

Follow these simple grooming tips to enjoy the season to the most. With a little care and attention, you can keep your skin, hair and your personality as attractive as ever, even in Summer.

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