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Old School Tattoo Specialist – The Traditional Tattoo Specialists!

Old School Tattoo design consists of different bright colors. The outline of the tattoo is colored in black and certain sportive colors are used to give it an attractive look. In certain cases, only black shading is given to the tattoos. Old School Tattoo is a traditional tattoo method adopted in America as well as in other Western countries.


History of Old School Tattoo


A sailor man named “Sailor Jerry” in XIX century discovered the Old School Tattoo. He adopted a different style for tattoos.  Nowadays, Sailor jerry’s style is adopted in Ed Hardy clothing line. Since a sailor invented this, it became very popular among the Naval Department. Sailing is one of the riskiest jobs in the world. To overcome such risky jobs, they use some safety measures other than life jackets- like rope -like rituals, symbols of religion, supernatural forces, etc. and this practice led to the drawings on the skin for the lifetime, which included hearts, the name of parents, spouse, or child.

Sailors travel around the world and it started spreading from one person to other and finally to the whole world. The tattoos, the people are using usually, imply the life of the people or something that is related to their lives. The tattoos added much confidence among the sailors. Henceforth, it added a stiff confidence among sailors in doing their most dreadful jobs. The drawings also served as insurance for them to return to their land very safely. In old days, every tattoo has some story to tell about, but nowadays, it has changed. There is no particular reason for a tattoo, more than just a drawing on the body.


Old School Tattoo Designs


Old school tattoo images resemble sea, journey, adventurous trips etc. Old school Tattoos emblems usually represent Naval and Armed Forces, since it was developed by a sailor. The different Old School Tattoo includes Native Tattoos, Anchor Tattoos, Navy, and Armed Force tattoos, etc. Old School tattoo is much popular in almost all places and hence it is easy to find a tattooist.


Old School Tattoo Materials and Equipment


Both Old School Tattoos and modern tattoos create a mark on the outer layer of the skin. Tattoos are done by the artist and are performed with the help of a machine, which has a needle and the needle will pierce the skin by spilling drops of ink in a continuous manner. In certain cases, it may cause bleeding. In addition, tattoo causes some side effects like some allergic reactions, skin infections, MRI complications, etc.


In earlier days, instead of colors, certain pigments were used – the pigments that were obtained naturally. The pigments of red ochre and soot were used. Certain tools like teeth of shark, pelicans bone, rose thorns etc. were used for inserting pigments into the skin. This equipment was replaced by the needle after the invention of a needle.


Now all these are replaced by tattoo machines.

Old School Tattoo Methods


Hand poking method is the common method employed in a tattoo. This method is very slow and is not painful. Yet, another method adopted in earlier days was the sewing method, where the artist will insert a sharpened bone to insert through the skin. Later on, the needle replaces this bone. Here the artist inserts a thread, which is dipped in pigment. The pigment will be left on the skin once it is inserted onto the skin.


The tattoo machines replace all these Old School tattoo methods, which consists of a needle or a group of needles, which is attached to an armature bar.


Old School Tattoo or Traditional tattoo was very popular among prisoners. The tattoo used by prisoners had certain meanings – like the crime done by that person if the person was in jail or not.

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