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Online Gaming Is One Of The Most Popular Things On The Internet.


The future of online gaming is in the cloud. 

“Cloud” refers to a network of data centers filled with servers that deliver the content requested to whoever has asked for it.


The term “cloud gaming” refers to playing games remotely from the cloud services. 

Some prominent cloud gaming services are PlayStation Now, GeForce Now, Microsoft’s Project xCloud, and Google Stadia. They stream games to the TV, without a gaming console or a PC.


The biggest question is which one is the best? 

GeForce Now

It is one of the most efficient cloud services or gaming out there. This cloud gaming platform makes use of Ultra Streaming for lowering latency and implementing non-interruption. With a single account, services can be received through devices including PC, Mac, Shield Portable, Tablet, and Shield TV.


 Prices for subscriptions are quite low, only an $8 monthly subscription charge. In this offer, one can avail 50 games or so. Ultra Streaming deals with the latency issues very flamboyantly and allows 4k streaming at up to 60fps.


With the current beta program, a user can stream games for up to four hours in a single stretch. Currently, there are more than 400 titles, which are being added regularly.

GeForce gives its users the accessibility to provide feature requests quickly; that’s why it is in demand.


GeForce Now provides the best experience in terms of performance. Though it’s still in beta version and some issues need to be resolved. After that, it will surpass all others.


It offers cloud computing gaming. Being the only one in the market, it has become the most recommended provider. It provides a vast gaming library, with high-performance gaming, and quite a significant accessibility period. 


Even with gigantic bandwidth with a low ping, it lags in scrolling and shows a few breaks in cursor responsiveness.


If you have a connection of 5mbps, you are offered 4k streaming in Ultra High Definition without any latency issues. It is available in a $35 monthly subscription fee with all the high-end features.


Shadow gaming service is always up to date, and it uses a dedicated amount of GPU to run as gracefully as possible.

Shadow has taken into consideration that users need to share files and folders with friends, which makes it unique.


This gaming platform even offers its customers a service to buy storage, starting with a limit of 256 GB, expanding up to 2 TB.

Project XCloud

Project XCloud, which is headed by Microsoft, is all set to become the top cloud gaming service. 

Currently, project XCloud is only in the preview period. It can be just used by the people who are lucky enough to win the golden ticket, that is an invitation.


Project X Cloud has one of the most uncomplicated signup processes. A unique feature is that a user can turn off one screen and then start playing on another device screen right where he or she left the game.


It uses the extensive networking system of Microsoft Azure. It has minor hiccups yet brings fluid and graceful streaming of cloud games only if the Wi-Fi is at a minimum of 5 Hz.


The prime advantage is the lack of input lag. Even while playing high-end games, XCloud was able to keep up. 


Whenever things get heated up too much, the screen would break into a series of unreadable blocks for a small moment. 


Vortex can also run through an app on both Android or IOS. The subscription fee starts from only $9.99, but it only offers 50 hours of gameplay per month with this fee. For amateurs, it can prove to be of great help as the signup procedure is straightforward and hassle-free


The best feature is that in this, the on-screen controlling system is made highly customizable. It offers the addition of the entire control circle for particular keys, the advanced thumbstick movement, and even mouse clicks.


Games like GTA5, Counter-Strike, Witcher 3, can be played on phones with its help. It offers full browser support, and a high-end PC setup is not always required to run Vortex.

It’s not as good as GeForce Now or Shadow yet, but it’s cheaper.


If you buy a plan by mistake, Vortex offers a refund policy, although it’s limited to only 15 minutes of total playtime. You will be charged monthly, as there is no option to purchase an annual plan currently.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now is the oldest cloud gaming service provider, but it is growing every year because of its service and quality.


The recommended internet speed of this cloud gaming platform is 5mbps for a decent cloud video game. An uninterrupted 5mbps connection would provide a fluid and stable experience.


The drawback of this cloud gaming platform is that the games get removed over a fixed period. 


Its annual plans are cheaper compared to its monthly fee. The fee starts at $59.99 yearly.

Customers are allowed to enjoy a 7-day free trial period before paying.


Just like Vortex, there is no want for a high-end PC. Only Core i3, with 2 GB of RAM, would provide a quite optimal level of gaming. The only 720p is available with audio for steamed games as surround sound is unavailable in this.


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