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Naked and Raw Coffee Face Wash

Perfect face wash for oily skin

Looks beautiful ,yes this line  gives u lots of goosebumps on your face and that can only achieve through glowing skin. which requires a perfect face wash for our skin but,Finding The Right Facewash for your skin its always hectic.And Apart From that using it right time is also the major concern to protect your skin .

Majority of peoples are using facewash without having knowledge of there ingredents ,beacause every products depends on your skin type. People generally use facewash and go outside wothout apllying anything after it. Which cause lots of dust particles to enter pores and causes acne.which damages skin layer badly.

So, first know your skin type and which products you select is suitable for you skin.

If you have oily skin  you can choose product which do not leave oils after using.

Here are some tips you should know :

  1.  Wash your face with face wash before going to Bed.
  2. If you have oily skin, you will find oil lying on your face early in the morning so you don’t need anything to apply at night. alternatively, if you feel to add you can add moisturizer giving a 2 minute of massage on your skin which will let fill the open pores by face wash.
  3. Don’t usescrub on your skin too much. Using in once in a week is enough for girls with age 20–30. Otherwise, it will make wrinkles on your face.
  4. Drink plenty of water .
  5. Try to avoid too much spicy foods it gives acidity .Always Keep your stomach acid free
  6. try to wash your face 3–4 times in a day with cold water (cold water helps to reduce the open pores) alternatively you can rub ice on your once.
  7. You can use Aloe Vera Face mask And Eye Mask which is very well suited for removing the heat inside your face

Here is perfect facewash  for oily skin

Naked and Raw Coffee Face Wash with White Water Lily, SLS & Paraben Free, 100ml

I personally use this product and got good results – a deep cleansing formula, enriched with Pure Arabica Coffee and exotic White Waterlily. This facewash removes the excess oil and dirt and gets rid of dullness from the face. A naturally-foaming formula that is SLS and Paraben free.one should know the ph of your product.

I have a oily skin and i eagarly looking for perfect face  wash for my skin type. symptoms i got through oily skin


Oily skin frequently affects the face.

  • a shiny or greasy appearance
  • very large or obvious pores on the skin
  • skin that looks thick or rough
  • occasional or persistent pimpels
  • clogged pores and blackheads

After using this face wash .my skin got better resuls .


clarify the skin, fight acne and pimples, and prevent them from coming back. Coffee deep cleanses and increases collagen production for a youthful skin. It also helps reduce cellulite. The caffeine present in coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that even tone the skin and reduce puffiness. White water lily regenerates skin cells and reduces fine lines. Seaweed reduces skin pigmentations and dark spots. Aloe Vera treats sunburn, reduces inflammation and soothes skin.


  • Pure Coffee– Stimulates Blood Flow | Prevents Premature Ageing | Reduces Cellulite | Fights Free Radicals
  • White Water Lily – Regenerates Skin Cell | Protects Against Acne | Soothes Inflammation | Reduces Fine Line
  • Aloe Vera – Nourishes | Treats Sunburn | Brightens | Treats Dark Spots
  • Seaweed – Reduces Skin Pigmentation | Diminishes Dark Spots | Brightens


You can buy it from here – Click Here

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