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Perfect workout for bigger traps

Traps are complex but important body muscles which connects your neck base line to upper back. So I will show how to build perfect workout for bigger traps

Just like you get your abs with dedicated workout and diet same you can devlop steel traps with years of heavy lifting and systematic workout

Techniques and selection of workout plays a vital role in develop steel trap. our shoulder is made of three heads. 1. the anterior (front delt) 2. medial (side delt) 3. posterior (rear delt). and we have to work simultaneously on three of them.

It seems complex to workout on 3muscles simultaneously so break all 3 excercise and perform 1 by 1.

workout in my vlog truly represent how I have used basic objects from my home and I tried to do front delt workout in very efficient way. if you can’t efford expensive memberships or feny equipments then don’t wory .my channel will show you ample of techniques to perform diffrent body workouts and will motivate yo all to remain fit and healthy.

Always remember before starting any workout do a basic streching so that your muscles got full range of motion and that will engage far more muscle fibers.the more fibers you fatique, the faster your muscles grow .


1. Bottel upright row:  by grabbing a rod and water bottles entangled in it according to our body strength and try to raise rod  with an overhead grip and lifting them vertically in front of your shoulder height .with proper technique one can achieve good appropriate results.

In nut shell a strong trap pulls your shoulders back and helps stabilize your neck and upper back.


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