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Proper Ways to Use Bubble Wrap for Packaging

Proper Ways to Use Bubble Wrap for Packaging


Bubble wraps are a transparent plastic material that contains small air-filled bubbles that are used to provide cushioning to fragile items when used for packing them. These bubble wraps are light, durable and most versatile packaging material used in the packaging industry.

Bubble Wraps Have Many Benefits. Let Us Discuss Those Benefits One by One.

  • They Are Light in Weight: Bubble wraps are the most lightweight packaging material as they contain air. The packaging is so lightweight that it contributes to savings in the shipping cost, especially when you are shipping in bulk. Lightweight packaging also lowers fuel cost whilst transporting a large number of goods.
  • Excellent Insulator Against Impact: The primary function of the bubble wrap is to keep goods safe and secure from any kind of damages during transportation. It is flexible and performs exceedingly well in its functions. It acts as a sturdy barrier against any impact.
  • Reusable: Bubble wrap can be used again and again unless they are torn or has gone through some significant damage. As long as the air bubbles are intact it can be used repeatedly, which makes it eco-friendly and budget-friendly option than other packaging options that cannot be reused again.
  • Bubble Wrap is Versatile: Bubble wrap is used to protect all kinds of small products. The bubble wrap sheet can easily be cut into the required size to cover the box or products kept inside boxes. Apart from packaging, they are also used to insulate windows during summer and it also serves as a good stress reliever. We all know it is fun playing and bursting air bubbles of the bubble wrap, which releases stress and it shows the bubble wrap has limitless possibilities.
  • They Are Cost-Effective: Properties such as lightweight, reusability and versatility make the bubble wrap one of the most cost-effective protective packaging options.

Bubble wraps are the go-to option for shipping fragile products and is also considered as the best investment for keeping your products safe during transit.

How to Use Bubble Wrap for Packaging During the Move?

  • Bubble wraps are ideal for wrapping or padding items that are easy to break, such as glassware, ceramic, electronic devices and mirrors. The bubble wraps come in large sheets. Furthermore, bubble wrap rolls are foldable and tear-resistant. Therefore, it can more effectively be used for packing fragile items rather than foams or newspaper.
  • While packing your delicate items, make sure to use enough bubble wrap that it can cover the product properly. If the product is too small or too delicate, try and cover it using more layers of bubble wraps. It will prevent them from slipping out as well as from severe damage.
  • Pack all your items individually, especially when items are big because, if the packaging is not tight enough, the product may risk falling out of the wrap.
  • Avoid too much of void space in your packaging cardboard else your items may knock around striking each other and get damaged. Use the bubble to dill that extra space as it will provide cushioning to all your products packed inside the box.
  • Put your precious items in a paper bag and then cover or wrap it with the bubble wrap. It is because sometimes, due to heat exposure from sunlight, bubble wrap sticks to the item it is packed in, which can be troublesome. Hence, for better protection, double-wrapping is required.

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