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Several Trendy Hairstyles You Can Use For Your Next Special Occasion Outing

Do you have a special occasion coming up that you need a great hairstyle for? Do you have a holiday party, prom, homecoming, wedding or any other special event coming up? If so, then you’re in luck, as there are many hairstyles that you can create regardless of your hair’s length, your preference or budget. It doesn’t matter if need a formal hairstyle or a more casual one, you’ll find something you like.

Keep in mind that if you choose carefully, you can have a beautiful, memorable hairstyle that works for any and all occasions.

How To Choose What Hairstyle To Use For Your Special Occasion

Before you settle on any hairstyle, there are seven factors you need to consider that can affect whether or not you choose a particular hairstyle.

Attire – Formal attire calls for hairstyles that don’t obscure the look. If you got a casual look, you can include some more additional elegance to the hair.

Cost – Think about the style you’re considering and the occasion, the more you do or the more elaborate the hairstyle, the more it’ll cost you.

Face Shape – Regardless of the occasion, you need a hairstyle that fits your facial features; something that’ll complement them.

Look – Consider how you’d like to look for the occasion. Do you want a sophisticated look or something casual?

Mood – What mood would you like to reflect on people? If you want something fun, then curls can create that exciting look. When you’re looking for something romantic, get a sophisticated hairstyle.

Stylist – If you’re going to be styling your own hair, choose a style that’s simple to do but gives off some confidence. If you’re going to visit the hair salon, you can go with a more intricate style.

Time – If you have time during the day for the event at night, you can do an elaborate hairstyle. If you’re on short notice, a casual style can still look like it took hours.

Several Kinds of Special Occasion Hairstyles

Once you’ve know what special occasion you’re going to and how you’d like to look, it’s time to consider some popular hairstyles for these events.

Braids – Braids are great for any occasion. Micro braids can be very feminine. Thick braids are seen as stylish and chic. French braids are wonderful for either long or medium hair.


Loose – Loose hair is a simple way to style your hair whatever the occasion. If you’ve got soft waves, these are thought of as stylish and passionate. However, natural texture can give the hair body and movement.

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Sedu – Hairstyles like these are generally sleek especially if the hair is naturally wavy or curly. Loose locks are seen as stylish.

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Updos – This is a more formal hairstyle, which is also very popular. An updo style is seen as elegant. Half updos are seen as more romantic.

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Do Up The Hair With Some Accessories

If you want to turn heads with your hair, consider adding some accessories to the style. Some of the best accessories you can use include:

  • Beaded headpieces like clips or headbands
  • Color-coordinated accessories that match your clothes or your jewelry
  • Decorated hair pins
  • Flowers
  • Tiaras
  • Trailing ribbons

How You Get Your Best Look

Whatever hair style you decide to go with, your hair should be healthy and vivacious. This means you need to eat a healthy diet and consume lots of water to keep the hair looking its best. To protect your hair from the sun, use a good conditioner.  You can also use hair vitamins to maintain that healthy hair.

When you have a special occasion to go to, you can turn your ordinary hair into a hairstyle that will turn heads. Just remember, it’s not your hair that makes the event so special but rather the fun time you experience during it.


Courtney Leiva is a seasoned digital writer based in the Tristate area. With up to eight years of lifestyle writing under her belt, her content has been published in leading publications.


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