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Strengthen your wrist

Wrist plays a pital role wile performing day today’s life workout like driving, holding ,grabbing typing ,cooking and so on.

these repetitive activities can create weakness and stiffness in our wrists and fingers.

so it’s very important to strech your hands,forearms ,wrists and fingers regularly.do speak to your doctor if you face any kind of injury or pain while doing any activity.

 do in this blog I will tell you few basic workout wich you can perform anytime and anywhere while using simple bottle or any household utensils. While performing any workout one should always take care of his her diet too . A proper healthy diet and lifestyle is very important for healthy life .

So before starting any activity always try to start your workout with bais streching so that your muscles starts getting in motion and all internal muscles will activate before any kind of activity.


✓ Stand or sit at any place and spread your arms in front of your face.
✓ Take any bottle or any household utensil and just grab in front of your face.
✓ Twist your wrists upside down to create motion in your wrist and it will activate wrist muscles.
✓ Rotate your wrist in 360 degree position to activate all inner muscles linked with your wrist .
✓ You will feel the pressure while performing
these activities which I have performed in this video
✓ Talk to your trainer or doctor before performing any such king of workout if you are facing any kind of pain in your hand
✓Perform these activities as per your level and gradually increase your repetition.

In nut shell building  wrist strength can also help you prevent from any kind of sever enjury.there are other workouts too which you can do in gyms or any where under guidence of your trainer.


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