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Hairstyling can be dated back to more than 3,000 years but it has changed over the period of time. Today modern hairstyling cannot be done without using sophisticated tools. Certain trends may come and go, but the best haircuts and hairstyles never go out of fashion. And this is true for both Men and Women equally, that modern cuts are so timeless that they won’t come back for quite some time to give you chills. You can too, look cool if you know how to use these tools by knowing their purpose. And what if you opt for all these must-have hairstyling tools and accessories to have in your kit.

You can have them All
Yes, it’s true, today hundreds of stores and shopping malls are filled with these cosmetic tools. You can get them in person after having a thorough look or even order online through one of the best options like Toni & Guy discount codes. There are many other such options available both on and offline, it is subject to what you are looking for and what your exact need is. Many stores give all the year-round offers, it all depends on your research.

Must-Have Hairstyling Tools and Accessories
So let’s get a go at knowing some of the above tools and accessories for hairstyling;

All-Purpose Shears

Shearsor Scissors as they are called, have more than 12 types with different names like the Barber Scissors, Japanese, German and hairdresser, etc. These are available in the standard size 5.5 inches and 6.5 inches depending on the results you want. Smaller ones are ideal for precision cutting, while the longer shear is good for bigger jobs like large sections, compressed cutting, and deep texturizing.

Blending shears
If you want to get easy with the removal of weight, soften lines or add controlled texture, you need a blending shear. Sometimes called a thinning shear, this handy tool has evenly spaced teeth on one side and a straight blunt blade on the other to give the shape you want. To get the best performance, the blending shear should have convex blades and opposite grip handles so that it is reversible.

A hairdryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow cool or hot air over your wet hair to accelerate the evaporation process and dry the hair. You can find a range of brilliant Hairdryers from small to large. How could you survive today without having one in your closet?  As it has become the most essential hairdo tool. This allows the hair to style hair in a controlled manner. It can be next to your shears, the most important tool in your kit.

This can be one of the armour in your artillery. Good to remove natural waves and curls. Though many people have mastered the art to use them for creating waves in the hair. Straighteners work by breaking down the positive hydrogen bonds found in the hair’s cortex causing hair to open, bend and become curly as you like. The issue with these is that the heat causes damage. So if you use them, do not make it a habit to use them often.

Clippers & Trimmers
Clippers are an excellent choice if you are looking to have a haircut on the greater part covering larger areas. But note that they do not cut extremely close to the skin. Whereas, a trimmer is designed for outlining, edging, dry- shaving, and light shaping on smaller areas such as the back of the neck, around the ears, around sideburns, etc.

Curling Iron Rod
These are also multipurpose built. They can curl hairs that are straight, short, thick, and Afro styled. If you can have only this one iron in your hairstyling kit, should be enough. It’s adaptable to create a variety of looks because the barrel is not so small that you end up with tight ringlets, yet it’s sufficient enough to deliver just the right amount of bend and wave. Wrap the hair around the barrel using different practices and get a curl that runs the gamut from loose to polished and refined.

A must tool to have for removing hair quickly while building incredible texture. Want hair with a lively look that’s clean and precise? Then use a razor. There are multipurpose built razors with interchangeable blades that are suitable for classic straight-razor cutting, blending, and texturizing. The ergonomic finger design keeps your hand in a natural position, thus not straining it.

Paddle Brush
When you need to quickly and safely detangle your hair, there’s nothing like a paddle brush to do the trick. For flat-wrapping or volume wrapping hair before finishing, it comes as a natural choice. While using the dryer, it comes in handy because of its wide, rectangular surface which is ideal for creating tension across a large surface. Get the design with a soft cushioned base and ball-tipped nylon bristles imbued with tourmaline. It creates more tension and shines within the hair with less work.

Round Brush
This one is a real necessity when it comes to executing flawless blowouts, but choose the right size for the job.
Each barrel size serves a different purpose. E.g. small barrel is best suited for styling short hair, a medium barrel creates fullness at the base, and the large barrel is ideal for long, loose waves or straight-looking hair with body.

A round brush can also alter fine hair, making it look fuller and thicker. The perfect combination of nylon and boar bristles which create maximum volume and shine should be your choice.

Sectioning Clips
These come in handy for dividing or sectioning hair while styling, cutting, or colouring. Buy the ones that provide maximum grip on dry hair so you can isolate large sections of hair when dry cutting. And they can be used on wet hair as well and they do not create creases or lines on dry hair as well.

Water Bottle
To avoid running around, keep a water bottle that fits easily in the hand. You could use it for lightly misting or quickly saturating the hair. Now continuous spray options with prolonged features can be easily found in many newer water spray bottles.

Summing it up
These are the only recommended must-have hairstyling tools and accessories, but the option remains with you to go for the ones that you really need. Many other items can be part of your list. And that can be used to get greater hairstyles for that sophisticated look.

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