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As per news and facts there is a recent collaboration between a growing digital Marketing agency Unrealistictrends and we’ll stablished web hosting company AGM web hosting.

This collaboration will bring a great boom in their respective fields . Both companies agree to share their skills and technology to enhance their market growth . Not only do these new collaborative relationships require distinct ways to think about resources, they also encourage innovating for the better skill growth.

Founder and owner of Unrealistictrends had good meetings with some tech companies for long term vision and finally AGM web hosting is a good example of growth collaboration which we will see in their businesses soon.

Now there are ample of benefits for both brands while joining hands together

  • Establish new  portfolios
  • Successfully enter new markets
  • Serve customers better

Unrealistictrends have two brand identity first is www.unrealistictrends.com which is blogging website and it allows guest bloggers to share blogs or contents and 2nd is www.unrealistictrends.net which is digital marketing agency and now Mr Amit who is founder and CEO of Unrealistictrends recently Collab with web hosting company www.agmwebhosting.com



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