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E-books, also known as Electronic Books, are nothing but digital equivalents of books in the physical or tangible formats. An E-Book exists to make the reading process ergonomic and economical. In this article, we will be looking into the nuances of downloading and accessing an E-Book. 

Downloading an E-Book 

The initial stage of downloading an E-Book involves finding an appropriate source. Each reader might have their own choices of genres depending on which the sources of E-Book files vary.  


There are a number of apps out there that deal with e-book facilities. These apps have their own functional details depending upon the developer. Some of these features include the user-friendly accessing of libraries. These features ensure that the reader is made available to ‘n’ no. of choices to select from like thriller, suspense, fanfictions that can be easily downloaded using fanfiction downloader. Apart from that, the user-friendly UI(User Interface) in such applications enhances the reading experiences of the users. Again the level of interaction varies from application to application. 


Some of the most commonly known and easy to access E-Book facilities for android users include Kindle App and Aldiko book reader. As mentioned above, these apps are known for their user-friendly services that can be modified according to the preferences of the readers. 

However, a user can directly opt to find any other online sources apart from the ones mentioned above. 


The second stage involves the process of downloading the E-book. In the case of android applications, like those mentioned above, the user would not find external hindrances in downloading an E-Book. 


This is because such applications not only provide a source for downloading the applications but also a platform to save the downloaded applications. Thus users/readers need not require an external application to save or open the downloaded file. 

On the other hand, in the case of a desktop or laptop reader, the user might be required to install an external application to open or read the saved E-Book. 


Since most of these files are made available in the PDF format (Portable Document Format), some of the prominent applications used to open such files include Adobe Acrobat Reader and Foxit Reader. Once these applications are installed (available on the internet), the user can proceed to open the downloaded E-Book using such PDF opener tools. These tools, similar to E-Book Android applications, are created keeping in mind the needs and necessities of the reader.  

Reading an E-Book 

Once you have downloaded, depending upon the method utilized, the reader may proceed to open it directly through the EBook applications if the same has been downloaded in such applications or may proceed to open an externally downloaded E-book using such applications or other E-Book openers. 


Once the downloaded file is clicked to open, the UI might open up a task box requiring the user to choose the appropriate method to open the E-Book. If a Kindle application is installed or inserted into a system, the box might ask the user whether to open the same using such application. 


If such applications are not installed, the user might be made available with other existing options of any other E-Book or PDF openers, if already installed. A PC downloaded E-Book can also be directly copied to a Kindle reader ( an exclusive device solely created to download and read E-books) by connecting the same to the PC using a USB cable of normal sorts.  

Once the E-Book has been opened using the user required methods, the reading experience entirely depends upon the tools available in the respective applications or software or devices. These include navigation tools made available to the readers to make the reading experience efficient and comfortable. Some of these navigation tools include the provision of information relating to the no. of pages pending or the total number of pages that have been already read. Some applications even might have features such as information related to the average total amount of time a reader will require to complete a book. These features aid the reader in choosing a book of his type depending upon his preferences.  


Adding on to the above, some applications such as the previously mentioned PDF openers might even have tools to make a real time mark on the E-Book to underline a specific subject or content that can be subsequently accessed or retrieved by the reader whenever he wishes. These tools will address the various retrieval problems a user might face in a physical document.


In recent times, development in technology has led to the inclusion of “Text-to-speech” software in these applications to enhance the reading experience to the next level. Such applications aids people with the inability to access visual reading experience by converting the electronic words to electronic audio means, thereby allowing such readers to listen to the E-Book rather than reading them directly. 


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