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Contact lenses have made Halloween the utmost fun! While it was previously possible to dress up of course with the best of costumes and the most advanced makeup skills the truth is that the whole thing would somehow collapse when it came to the eyes. With all the makeup in the world, it wasn’t possible to change the color of the eyes!

Hence, it’s an entirely different story altogether now as with increasingly creative contacts such as vampire contact lenses which will surely elicit screams and squeals from those caught off guard, every look is possible!

Wana create an out of the box look this Halloween? Here are some ideas!

Fun Looks to try for Halloween

Vampire Vengeance

With television series such as The Vampire Diaries and the Twilight series, there is an increasing uproar with regards to the whole vampire characters and thus, multiples can be seen parading around every Halloween.

The vampire personality can be emulated quite easily with pale makeup to achieve the deathly skin, and a little more artistic skills with makeup can also bring to life the blue veins! The problem arises when it comes to the signature glare of the reddish eyes. While a red liner on the waterline can definitely bring about some redness to the eyes, it isn’t satisfactory of course.

To achieve the look of red eyes, vampire contact lenses are a necessity! It will help bring your entire character together in a way you never imagined was possible before!

Catty Cat Lady (or man)

I mention this look because of the vast abundance of cat costumes available in every market. Of course, this isn’t what should be defining what we’re going to dress up on this immensely enjoyable occasion, but convenience definitely does factor in!

Besides for those of us who are forgetful and leave costume shopping for the last minute, will definitely not be getting the more unique costumes because they of course will all be sold out!

So, for this last resort, a cat costume is a really great idea. And for that matter, variations such as lions and tigers, albeit childish aren’t bad ideas either.

So for a good look for cat lady, the sleek black costume will for sure be available at any costume shop. Next up comes the gorgeous makeup with porcelain skin to stand out against the black costume, and a gorgeous cat eye liner with smoked out edges.

Of course, whiskers and a cute little button nose is also necessary, but most necessary of all are the signature slits in the pupils which again no makeup can ever achieve. Not to worry though, because believe it or not, now there are amazingly realistic lenses available whicheven have slits in the eye! Let’s meow our way through Halloween this year.

White Walkers

I doubt if there are any of us who haven’t followed the seasons of Game of Thrones like addicts! At any rate, there aren’t many who haven’t and even they have definitely heard raving reviews from fans.

It follows logically then, that everyone has heard of the famous white walkers and their army of the dead too! This is a really fun idea to try out with a bunch of friends and give people a cold chill! The white walkers have been usually portrayed as tall, bony people, with an icy blue gaze that seems to penetrate to the very core of your soul.

Even their army of dead people is characterized as having deathly pale, ashy skin and eyes as blue as the sky on a clear day! Everything else can be done through clever costumes and expert makeup, but for the eyes you’ll need icy blue contact lenses, which are quite easily available now.

Alien Invaders

Another really creative look you can try out this year is that of an alien. With no defined image existing for aliens, you can really bring out your creative self and allow a totally free reign!

Not only will you be able to create a new character altogether, you’ll have the immense satisfaction of being the only one at any party because of course you are the designer! There are many ideas to transform yourself into an alien, all you have to do is look out of this world (pun intended).

Dressing up in a monotone skin hugging bodysuit, with a bald head and skin the same color, scraggly nails, pointy teeth and some truly wild contact lenses such as those with insanely unbelievable colors or patterns will have your audience shocked! For such costumes and characters, I’d say try some really crazy lenses such as a deep violet, or the ones with check patterns. There are even deep red contacts that will have you running, they are so realistic!

This Halloween, you can be anyone and anything you want!

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