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Yes! You got it right. Many of us don’t like to do tedious work, but we can make money. If you want video games, you can earn them easily. We enjoy our work. For this, you can put your hobby into making.

Let us look at some ways to get paid for having fun.

Play Video games

If you always play video games and are a pro in it, then you can make this hobby an earning. If you play popular games like fortnight and BGMI, you can create your channel on YouTube. The followers of your channel give you tips and donations while watching your game, and you can even make money through ads.


Photography as a hobby can also be converted into a monetary benefit. If you have fun by clicking some random pictures every time, make it an earning. Set up a profile on Instagram where you can showcase your talent to the world and gain followers. You can sell your collections to private collectors, galleries, and even some printing card companies. A personal photo studio of your own can also be set up. You can also collaborate with companies to shoot their locations or photograph their pets, babies, food galleries, etc.

Travel always

Travelling gives you comfort and peace, then share your experiences through blogging. Start your blog and post about your experiences, the place, and the people there. You can earn money through affiliate links and advertisements. You can also write for some travel companies and get paid. Many destinations across the globe provide free rooms to travel bloggers.


You might wonder how writing as a hobby can make you earn. You can work as a freelance writer on the internet and get paid. Write your storybooks, fiction, mysteries, or thrillers, and can self-publish your writings on Amazon. Many weekly magazines also hire writers to publish poems, articles, or stories in their books. If nothing seems to be working, you can also participate in online writing contests and earn money.

Art and Crafts

Individuals with creative minds who are more into visual illustrations can easily make money with their creations. Nowadays, people prefer handmade gifts to machine-made ones. Hand-made arts and crafts are becoming popular. Start by selling your skills through some local coffee shops or local exhibitions. You can even sell via galleries or set up an online store for this. Customized gifts, T-shirts, Notebooks, Fridge magnets, blankets, and hand-made jewelry have become trendy.

Music as a passion

You can find a gig if you have a music passion. By teaching through many online platforms, you can make money online platforms like LinkedIn. You can even start by offering offline classes in your locality.

Play with pets

Many people find it challenging to maintain their pets as they have to leave for work every day. You can fetch this by hosting your home for pets throughout the day. You can also collaborate with pet-sitting agencies and host animal boarding at your home.


Cooking can be enjoyable if you start your channel on social platforms. You can gain followers and earn by accepting their donations. An own catering business also serves the purpose. Teach some cooking classes also privately. There are many live reality cooking shows which encourage new talents. Start off selling your recipes by setting up a small store, and gradually you will see it become a lovely restaurant one day.

Stand-up Comedy

This is all about fun. Stand-up Comedy is becoming popular day by day. There are different shows for comedy, and they are highly paid. You can become famous in a short period if you are a pro in stand-up comedy.

Fitness coach

Many have fitness as their real fun, and they work out twice a day to build their body and love working out. Such people can try to coach sports, join fitness centers to teach, and earn good money. They can even start their fitness center for localities nearby.

 With this article, we want to share that a passion can always be exciting along with earning. You can turn your power into your living so that you love your job every day. Not only the hobbies mentioned above, but you can also showcase your talents to the world. If you are looking for more rare ways to earn money, you can check out financepolice.com. There will always be a way where you can get paid and have fun.

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