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Love handles are nothing but a chunks of fat retention. These fat cells  generally accumulated around your hips and belly. belly fat is considered to be one of the most stubborn fats in the whole body. The excess fat that accumulates around the oblique muscles is commonly known as the love handles.

Love handles not only makes your body look out of shape but also hinder your flexibility.thus if your workout is not showing results than you have to change your workout to loose love handles in effective way.

As there are various workouts to loose love handles like Bicycle crunches, side plank hip lifts, Russian twists, Mountain climbers, Jump Burpees, Box jumps, Hanging leg raises, cardio workout


Natural ways of getting rid of love handles

1. Cut out added sugar

2. Consume healthy fats

3. Consume more fibers

4. Get enough sleep

5. Workout regularly

Progression : 

1. Grasp the bar from both the sides

2. Tilt your pelvis slightly backward. Engage your abdominals and hip flexors to lift your feet off the ground. Exhale while lifting the legs.

3. Raise your legs to the level you are able to do with good form. And do side crunches while hanging in air .

4. Slowly lower your legs down ,inhale.reoeat the position from both the sides.

5. Do 10 reps each side .


Both hips, abdominals, sartorius and iliopsoas are working hard in this workout. It will losses your stored fat, increase your metabolism, makes your body posture firm ,strong and attractive.


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