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It is important for a product to have customized packaging designed especially for a particular product. There are many reasons why you need to create a flawless packaging for your merchandise. Few main reasons could be that without a packaging that stands out, your product is just another product. You have worked hard on creating a master-piece like gorgeous ties, you have to ensure a good looking packaging and tie boxes so that the value of your product is increased. There are several new tips and ideas for amazing tie packaging that you can try. This year, we have witnessed some marvelous packaging styles that you can adapt for your brand’s recognition.

2019’s Most Popular Packaging Styles For Ties:

Like every passing year in the packaging and design industry, customization has gone way too far. New and improved innovative packaging ideas and come to the surface this year. Some of the most unique styles for neck tie boxes are below.

Customized Tie Packaging – Your Logos, Your Designs:

The most important thing after manufacturing a marvelous product is to make sure to create an even outstanding packaging. Don’t waste all your hard work by compromising on the packaging. Create bow tie boxes the way you want, the way you like! Explore how you can put all your imagination into creating a designer packaging, choose the colors you want, the material and shapes you want and so on. The best part of customized packaging is that whatever you have in your mind can be practically made. No idea will go wasted with customized neck tie boxes.

Kraft Boxes for Ties –Eco Friendly Boxes for Better Environment:

There are many reasons why Kraft is everyone’s favorite whether you are a manufacturer, buyer or the designer. Kraft has many positive effects on the environment which makes it the best material. Apart from the environment friendliness Kraft is also very easily available. You can create almost anything out of shapes, colors, finishes and designs on Kraft. Tie box packaging made out of Kraft is incredibly light weight and is logistic-friendly at the same time. So not only when you make tie packaging with Kraft you will make your customers happy, you will also be doing a lot of things right, and saving money in the process! Most manufacturers do amazing job in creating packaging out of Kraft so you will find a manufacturer very easily.

Fabric Lined Tie Boxes – You Didn’t Know This Trick Existed:

Have you ever thought about creating packaging that speaks premium just by looking at it? If not, you can do it very easily by lining your tie boxes with silk fabric. Although you can use many types of silk fabrics which are on the premium side, but even if you are on a strict budget, you can still get silk fabric lined boxes made for cheap if you find a good manufacturer.

Round Tie Boxes – Experience Customization in Packaging Shapes:

By now, you must know how easy it is to create any shape of packaging. It is important to think of practical ideas at the same time. Have you ever thought about designing the packaging for your ties in a cylindrical box?  Tie gift boxes which are cylindrical will look unique and just by adding a see-through top of the box; you can easily make the packaging a little more functional and practical.

Round boxes will be very practical in many ways, for you as a tie designer, as a manufacturer, as a packaging designer and even as a user. Round boxes are easily stackable and they can be put on top of each other very easily. They are sturdy, light weight, customizable, creative and unique in many ways. Most of all, the tie remains safe folded in a cylindrical shaped box which makes everything great.

Drawer Tie Packaging – Push In, Pull Out

We all know how people as customers LOVE it when they find some packaging that can later in used in other ways. The “do it yourself” projects have made everyone into thinking that wasting packaging is not a good idea. Create drawers that can be pulled out to reveal the ties, and pushed back in to close it. Drawer-like tie storage boxes are practical and attractive. Color them into the color of your brand, out a nice logo on it, give it a nice handle and a nicer paper bag and your packaging will make people want to buy the product just for the packaging itself.

Glossy Premium Tie Boxes – The Best Packaging Style for Premium Designer

Premium packaging means you only have to focus on the quality of the packaging, and you have to work by quality over quantity rule. You can’t compromise on the quality at all, and budget means nothing for premium packaging. You still have to try to keep the packaging cost at the very lowest but the priority is quality. If in-case your budget is not very high yet you still want a premium packaging for you tie, look into glossy finish boxes with minimum print on the box. This finish always represents luxury. And the best part of glossy packaging is that you don’t have to work too hard on the packaging design, just look into keeping the packaging minimal.

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