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Lsit pull ups are one of the most beneficial overall muscle and strength developers and are also one of the best a workout for complete body . Its a basic body weight and gymnastic movements (such as the plank, push ups, pull ups, dips, holds, handstands, etc). The amount of muscles on the job in this movement helps you to develop your biceps, triceps and shoulders, back and abs giving you powerful strength and superior muscularity. while doing Lsit Pull ups You engage your abs as you stabilize your body while hoisting yourself up.

Since it’s just you against the force of gravity, if you can do a pull-up or chin-up, you have a greater strength-to-body weight ratio.

Lsit Progresson   

Learning (and teaching) the l-sit pull-up is not an easy feat, and is one that requires a wide array of strengths, skills, and patience.

  • Hang off the bar completely straight in a dead hang.
  • Next tighten your abs and get into the hollow position.
  • Un-shrug your shoulders.
  • Put your legs out parallel in tug position
  • Tense your abs and glutes, point your legs in front of you and keep them taut. Stare straight ahead.
  • Pull your elbows down until your chest touches the bar.
  • Lower back down, under control and in the hollow position.
  • Relax, before getting back into hollow position and repeating the process.


  1. Body Control and Awareness
  2. Core Strength and Stability
  3. Increased Isometric Strength
  4. Greater Time Under Tension


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