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Smart home products have quickly flooded the market in the last few years. They have allowed us convenience by having an app to control our smart devices. One of the popular devices among other smart home products is the smart Garage Door Opener. Not only does it offer convenience but also helps in keeping your home safe and secure. While these two benefits are majorly involved in the popularity of getting smart garage doors for our home there are many other benefits too.

Unlike a traditional garage door, the smart garage door can open via a tap on your phone. So your smart phone becomes the button with which you control a traditional garage door. When the door opens or closes, alerts are sent to your phone so that you know the activity status in real time. Other features also include programmable lights and control regarding other people who you may allow to enter.

The sensor is built into the garage door itself. The sensor collects data and sends forward a signal whether the door is required to be closed or open. This happens all with your smart phone via the app. This allows you to control your smart garage door even when you are not at home.

They have a lot of benefits.

Reminder to Close the Door
Often times we leave our home and realize later if we have closed our garage door or not. An unlocked and open garage door is a huge security threat for your home. A smart garage door can save you the stress. Even if you have left your home and have left the garage door open you can close it if you have your smart phone. Garage doors can be left open even when you are at home occupied with some work in your yard. This again can be a security threat as someone can trespass in your absence and steal your valuable items. Your smart garage door will also give alerts on your phone regarding the door if it has been left open by mistake.

Keep Track of Visitors
Most of us are working parents and we want to make sure that we know when our children go to school and when they are back, whether they arrived late at night from a party etc. When you have a smart garage door you also have access to a report of who came in through it and who went out. There are also smart doors that give you the liberty to check who came in on the spot because they have two-way audio powered integrated in the smartphone app. Do you have a visitor for your home every day like the house help? If yes, you do not have to give permission to access the whole house, you can just let them in n a schedule. This way you will not even have to give them the password.

Takes Care of Your Deliveries
Have you ever ordered something and received it your door only to find it stolen. Most people in the US have. It is pretty common to get your packages stolen at your door step. Other than theft they are also at the risk of getting destroyed by harsh weather conditions. There are features like the key by Amazon which allows you get your packages safely delivered and secured in your home. You can open the garage door when the rider arrives. The rider can place the parcel in the garage when the gate opens and when it is done the garage door will close. You can also get a security camera integrated to watch your delivery in real time even when you are not at home.

Your Garage Opener Remote is Your Phone
A garage door remote is the most important thing when you decide to have a garage. It can also become a security threat if it goes in the wrong hands. The security of your whole home can be compromised if the garage door remote is stolen or lost. There have also been incidences where burglaries have occurred as the garage door remote becomes accessible to someone collecting the garbage or for home maintenance. In case of a smart garage door the remote is actually the app in your own smart phone. Your phone is with you most of the time so it is easy to control your smart garage door and not worry about getting it fallen into the wrong hands.

You can make your garage door even safer by taking a few extra steps. These include having program lights in your garage door which mimic that people are present in your home when no one is at home. You can also get smart cameras integrated which could give you real time alerts of any suspicious activity occurring, even in the case of theft you can have a recorded footage of the intruder and evidence for the theft. You can add a lock to your smart garage door.

Final Thoughts
Smart garage door offers a lot of convenience and ease. It also offers you security more than a traditional garage door would. A few benefits of the smart garage door have been mentioned above. However, many have flooded the market with additional features. You can see which one suits your requirement and get one for your home. However, proper research should be done before you could buy a smart product.




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